Review; Natural hair Ladies

Lately I’ve been getting plenty of questions via instagram (@daniellemonee) about what exactly I use on my hair.  Naturally without any product I am a 3C texture so my curls are more defined and my hair is a bit softer overall but what I noticed was the majority of questions about my hair product came after the photo below went viral on a few natural hair instagram pages.

hair close up

Here are the steps in exact order (you’ll see its quick and easy) as well as the products I used this day!

hair reviw

Dark&Lovely Au Naturale anti-shrinkage curl defining creme glaze and Garnier Curl scrunching controlling gel which I sometimes swap out for Miss Jessie’s Soft Curls Jelly

I wet my hair in the shower and rinse it with whatever conditioner I grab out of the closet( sometimes mane and tail, sometimes shea moisture) and i use my wide tooth comb to detangle it all.

While it is still soaking wet and YES I DO NOT TOWEL DRY AT ALL, I will apply the curl defining creme glaze and finger comb that throughout the entire had.  I apply a generous amount.  You ladies with natural hair know that quarter size doesn’t apply to us.

I then apply the Controlling gel or the soft curls jelly, it really just depends on which I grab first however on the day of the photo above I used the controlling gel.

Once that is all racked through I will go in with Eco styler gel and pull out my baby hair.

After all is dry I am left with this look

brunch head down dry hair

Tell me your thoughts on the products!