Inspirational Phone Wallpapers

Hey guys! I hope everyone’s been well with the recent surge in Covid cases sweeping across the country! You all know I’m in orlando so things are really crazy, but with all the worrying going on and anxiety amongst myself and my friend group I wanted to step on and share some positivity! Something I’ve been trying to intentionally do every day is spend time … Continue reading Inspirational Phone Wallpapers

Some of My Favorite Makeup Products

Shop My 15 Minute Makeup Products here I thought today on the blog I’d share some of my favorite and currently most used makeup products! It’s definitely a little random but recently I’ve gotten so many questions and comments about my makeup so I thought this would be the perfect place to share! The NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue – whether you’re looking to … Continue reading Some of My Favorite Makeup Products

What I’ve Learned in My First 2 Years of Marriage

Jeff and I have officially been married for 2 years, well we made 2 years on June 9th and I’ve learned quite a few thing about no only myself but marriage as a whole in our first 2 years! I wanted to have an open and honest discussion about my thoughts with you all and I’d love to hear what you think as well! People … Continue reading What I’ve Learned in My First 2 Years of Marriage