What’s In My Weekend Bag ; Henri Bendel Canteen Bag


On weekend’s I like to carry smaller and lighter purses, just the essentials! During the work week you’ll find an agenda, a notebook and so much more in my handbag so I look forward to weekends when I get to change my purses out and carry much smaller handbags! Lately I’ve been carrying my Henri Bendel Canteen crossbody and I’m so happy I snagged this one before the brand closed it’s doors!



As mentioned I like to keep the contents of handbag on weekends pretty light and down to only the essentials so let’s get into what I carry!

  • Marc Jacobs Card Holder

On weekdays I carry my Henri Bendel Medium Zip Wallet but on weekends I like to grab only my essential cards (debit card, ID and insurance cards)

  • Henri Bendel Coin Purse

I like to carry my Henri Bendel Coin Purse so I don’t have loose coins and cash rolling around in my purse

  • Sunnies

These sunglasses were purchased from Shein and I am beyond obsessed!

  • Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder

If I could only recommend one luxury SLG this item would definitely be it! It’s compact and very functional.  There’s a sleeve inside in the back for an ID and debit card if need be and it fits my larger Jetta key.

  • YSL Lip Balm

I always have to have a lip balms with me and I really love this one because it gives my lips a little color and keeps them feeling soft.

What are your handbag essentials for the weekend?

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The 5 Podcasts Every Twenty Something Girl Needs to Download

If you would’ve asked me in the tail end of last year what I thought 2019’s major pop culture phenomenon was going to be I would’ve told you YouTube without a doubt.  Over the last few years YouTube has grown and grown into something far bigger than I think anyone would’ve thought but now, I’m going to switch that answer out with Podcasts!  There’s something about being able to listen to whatever it is you like ( fashion, crime, beauty, inspiration, etc) on your way to work, during your workout or just lying in bed that is so satisfying! I use to take my 45 minute commute to and from work each day to listen to music and now I listen to woman that I love talk about all my biggest interests and its great!

Today, I’m sharing my 5 Must Listen to Podcast for 2019! If you’re anything like me then you’ll absolutely LOVE this carefully curated list of podcast that every Twenty Something Girl Living Life NEEDS to listen to! So let’s jump right in!

  1. LadyGang


LadyGang is every girl’s group of best friends getting together once every week which cocktails and talking about things that girls talk about when guys aren’t listening.  From sexual encounters to the good and bad of their week!  This lady gang is comprised of Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek and nothing is off limits with them!

  1. Second Life by Clinique Brands


Second Life is a game changer for me! Host Hillary Kerr (Co Founder of Clinique Brands) speaks every week with woman who are now living a second life in their career.  With interviews with women like Michelle Lee, Aimee Song, Eva Chen and so many other women in the industry.  From listening to this podcast you’ll find yourself with a renewed hunger for going after exactly what it sis you want and realizing it’s never too late!

  1. Black Girls Texting


This is a podcast that I LOVE! Black Girls Texting is literally my closest girlfriends and I in a group chat! Talking about everything from what’s going on in society, to what’s going on in our relationships or lack thereof to vacation with our white friends( yes things are different depending on which friends you’re vacationing with) These ladies are really no holds bar and it is hilarious and real!

  1. GirlBoss Radio


So many of us have grown to love Sophia Amoruso, especially after her book GrilBoss came out! Girlboss really is a lifestyle and on her podcast we get to hear her conversations and interviews with so many girl bosses!  It really is a major inspiration to push through and go for what you want.  From her conversations with Maria Menounus and Michelle Lee to Rebecca Minkoff and Kyle Richards, you’re always going to learn something about business, fashion, beauty and pushing yourself forward in the face of adversity.

  1. The Simple Sophisticate Podcast


Shannon Ables hosts this podcast and each week she leaves us with a little gem.  Her lifestyle seems so simple and she’s always giving great advice on living a simple life.  With episodes like “ 16 Ideas for Simple Everyday Self-Care” to “20 Ways to Live Life a Parisenne” I could listen to Shannon talk about sipping a café au lait, and eating healthier from a farmer’s market all day!  She will put you at ease and help simplify your way of living which will inevitably lower your stress levels as well!

What are some of your favorite podcast right now?  Leave me some suggestions in the comments below!

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20 Random Facts About Me

Hi and Happy Wednesday! Can you guys believe today makes 5 years since I’ve started this blog!! Today I thought I’d do a little something different.  I’m sharing 20 random facts about me!  So if you’re interest in the girl who’s running The Twenty Something Girl’s Guide to living Life then let’s get into it!


1.       I’m getting married on June 9th ! The countdown has officially begun


(Not my dress)

2.       I’m 26 years old and loving life as a twenty something 

3.       I’m almost never not eating! And Sushi and Tacos are my absolute favorite foods!

4.       I’m the middle child of 3, my brother is 3 years older than me and my sister is 11 years younger than me & I have total middle child syndrome.

5.       If I could only wear one nail color for the rest of my life it would be either OPI Funny Bunny or Essie Bordeaux (one extreme or the other) I also really love OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest for Fall

6.       My cocktail of choice :  I really enjoy a glass of Cabernet but I would say I’m all about a Moscow Mule (although my dad has turned me on to Whiskey Sours you have to go to a great place to get a good one!)

7.       I have a handbag obsession!  Completely and totally obsessed with handbags and what makes it even worse is I really love the designer handbags! When I told my dad that if I had the means I would totally buy an Hermes Kelly he thought I was out of my mind but it’s a collectible and that’s is a handbag dream! I recently sold my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in hopes of soon getting a Speedy 25 Bandolier ( it’ll happen after the wedding)

8.       Gossip Girl is one of my all-time favorite shows ( I loved reading the books more) and in my high school someone created a GG Myspace and everyone thought it was me (it definitely wasn’t) but Blair always will be my favorite

9.       I am beyond obsessed with matching separates! I love a two piece outfit made of the same fabric and print! Some people might think it’s a bit much but I am all the way here for it.

10.   I love reality TV ( I know it’s horrible and my New Years’ resolution was to read more books and watch less trash TV but it’s just so good) My favorite Reality TV Show was The Zoe Project!! Love Rachel Zoe and all the Behind the Scenes fashion!! 

11.   I absolutely hate when people tell me to smile!  Also When I first moved to Orlando at 12 years old I remember sitting outside with my dad while he worked on the lawn and a neighbor drove by and smiled and waved and I thought it was so bizarre because we didn’t know him – “That’s just southern hospitality” my dad said!

12.   I have a severe case of Trypophobia which is the fear of cluster of holes.  I literally want to cry and start hyperventilating.  Thinking about it as I write this is terrible!

13.    I’ve big chopped my hair multiple times and I must say, going natural was probably one of the best decisions I made!  Big Hair Don’t Care


14.   I’m the definition of a morning person and I get that honest from my father!  As long as the sun is up, I’m up and if I stay in bed past 10 Am I feel like I’ve wasted my entire day.

15.   I consider myself a Foodie! Not like a food snob but every time Jeff and I go out we like trying new places, especially small owned places and overtime we visit a new city we have to eat local! (check out my must visit restaurants in Orlando next)

16.   I danced Ballet Tap and Jazz and sometimes wish I never stopped.  My daughters will absolutely be in dance from the time they are able to start.

17.   My zodiac sign is Leo and I am a Leo through and through both the good and the bad!

18.   Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I LOVE dressing up and getting in character! This past year I was Dionne Davenport from Clueless


19.   BrooklynBlonde and Something Navy are two of my absolute favorite bloggers!

20.   My first major in college prior to switching to Event Management was Communications, Public Relations

What are some facts about me that you had no idea about?!

Making Your Weekend Count ;5 Things You Can Do Saturday and Sunday for a Mental Boost

When you work in an at times mentally draining environment or with people that can at times be difficult there’s nothing you look forward to more than the weekend and maximizing your fun time.  I understand the feeling of anxiety Sunday night about having to go back to the office and the feeling of being drained Friday afternoon after a week of roller coaster emotions and situations. After having one of these particularly difficult weeks at the office our first thought is to do something fun and have jam packed weekends of activities but usually these activities (Sunday Funday, Brunch and overall running around to complete errands you didn’t have time to complete during the week) leave you physically and even more mentally exhausted.

The best thing anyone can do during the weekend is restore their mental health! Restoring your mental health prior to the beginning of the work week can be fun, inexpensive and extremely beneficial. When you’re feeling like your on a roller coaster during the week, feeling not in control and becoming more and more drained what you need is to take some time to yourself and rejuvenate your body and mind! I’ve put together a few ideas of what you can do on the weekends to restore your mental health.


Take Back Your Morning

Picture this, it’s Saturday morning, your alarm is turned off and you wake up when your body naturally wakes you up. Make yourself breakfast while sipping a latte from your favorite mug in those comfortable house slippers you have. Nothing feels better than preparing for the day ahead at your own pace. No routine and no rush, just enjoying your morning

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Pamper Yourself

A pick me up is exactly what you need after a week of being over it.  Book yourself a manicure and pedicure, have a glass of wine (if your salon does that type of thing) and sit back and relax! Maybe a massage is your thing, whatever your thing is taking an hour or 2 out of your weekend to do something you want to do for yourself that you will enjoy.  Unplug for a bit and tap into the vibes of relaxation

Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications

Before you all lose your minds think about what I’m actually saying here. Don’t delete all your Social Media accounts, just turn off the notifications. Nothing bad will come from your phone not telling you someone liked your Instagram photo or Retweeted your last tweet!  The anxiety some might feel from having to constantly check they’re notifications and respond to people will fade away and  you’ll simple and effortlessly enjoy your weekend while giving your mental a small rest and therefore boost

Spend Some Time with Friends or Loved Ones

Let’s be honest here, after spending a week with people that you’re honestly forced to spend the majority of your waking hours with there’s nothing that feels better than spending time with your real life friend and loved ones.  There’s nothing like hanging out and just spending some fun time with people you can truly unwind and be yourself with.     When I find that I’ve had a terrible week and I’m feeling truly mentally drained, there’s nothing better for me than spending time with my Fiancé and/or my parents.  Its always a fun and reflective time


Read a Book

Reading isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing but I personally enjoy sitting by the window with the blinds open and diving into a good book, even a magazine to be honest.   Sometimes when you’re reading about something you’re interested in you’ll find yourself more relaxed and your mind will wonder into the fantasy of whatever it is you’re reading and you’ll feel your body and mind begin to relax.

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5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Happy Thursday!  Can you guys believe that Valentine’s Day is in just 1 week?I feel like it was just New Year’s Eve and now here we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve been together for just a few months, or you’re getting ready t get married like Jeff and I or you’ve been together for years and years I’m sure you’re looking to do something fun on Valentine’s Day. It’s always nice to enjoy a steak dinner in a candlelit restaurant with. glass of wine and a bouquet of your favorite flowers and truthfully Jeff and I have been there and done that!  It’s always going to be appreciated but this year I’m bringing you some suggestions of fun date night ideas you and your S.O can do!

Take a Trip!

Taking a trip doesn’t mean taking a week off work and grabbing your passport! Living in Orlando, Jeff and I are kind of in the middle of a few different places we can all drive to for a long 4 day weekend!  Take Thursday and Friday off from work and get in the car, book a hotel room, a BNB or an AirBNB in a city not to far from home that can be fun, adventurous and a little romantic! I live for the staycations Jeff and I have had in Sarasota just 2 hours away and our many great memories between Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale! There’s nothing more fun the exploring a new city (or a city you love) with someone you love.

Take a Class Together

I keep thinking of how fun it would be to have a date night cooking class or mixology class! I mean think about, if you and your partner enjoy cooking (or eating) and drinking then this is literally the perfect date night idea!  Jeff and I have often played with the thought of heading to one of these classes offered in Orlando.  I’ve heard f you and your partner can survive in the kitchen together than you can survive anything and Jeff and I cook together at home so why not try it in a gourmet kitchen! I think hands on, interactive dates are definitely some of the best ones!

Paint… with a Twist!

There are many different art studios here in Orlando that offer the Panting with a Twist night! This is the perfect spot for those couples in need of a Valentine’s Date Night and a group of girlfriends looking to celebrate Galentine’s Day together! For those who haven’t heard of Painting with a Twist, you are in an art studio (everyone has their own seat and canvas) and everyone is painting (the same thing) via an instructor and of course there is wine!  Again this is a great date night idea that can be done after work one evening and won’t have you out late but still offers a fun and interactive time with alcohol of course!

Wine and/or Chocolate Tasting

So I’m pretty sure you can go for a wine tasting anywhere. Even if there aren’t wineries in your area (we have a few here in Orlando) there are restaurants like Coopers Hawk that allow for a really nice wine tasting experience and you can for go the cliche candlelit dinner and go straight into the tasting.  One really great idea for those living in Orlando is a wine tasting and chocolate pairing at the Chocolate Museum and Cafe on International Drive.  Of course only available for those 21 years of age and older, the tickets are $17.90 and and it’s sure not be a great and memorable night!

See a Comedy Show

I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys a good laugh and I personally live for great comedy!  Especially stand up comedy so why not take your significant other and check out a local comedy club!  There’s always the option to grab some food and drinks just before or after the show, you’ll get some great ages and you’ll be supporting local talent!

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