3 Date Night Ideas that Aren’t Your Average

Let’s go to Happy Hour, Let’s grab dinner, Hey! wanna go catch a movie? All date night ideas that I’m sure are some of the first to pop into your mind but it’s time to start thinking outside the box!  Yes I love a Happy Hour and I’m all about getting dinner but most of the time I want to spend time with Jeff doing something new, exciting and interactive.  Once of the best dates Jeff ever took me on was to Lakeridge Winery here in Florida for a winery tour and tasting.  When the tasting was over we grabbed a bottle of wine, some sausages, cheese and crackers and sat in the winer just talking; it was new, exciting and wonderful!

Let’s get into some date ideas that I think you all should keep in your back pocket!

1.Go Wine or Beer Tasting


Whether this is a first date or your weekly date night/day almost everyone (of legal age) enjoys a drink.  I enjoy a nice beverage while still learning something new.  A few months ago I took Jeff to a brewstillery tour and tasting where we toured both a beer brewery and a vodka and rum distillery and of course tasted!  It was fun because we were able to get a little buzz, have some food and learn something new.  It was interactive and most definitely not boring. On a wine or beer tour and tasting there’s no way you can’t have fun!

2. Food Trucks?

party in a cup

Jeff and I are all about a food truck night.  Here in Orlando every Tuesday is Tasty Tuesday in the Milk District with a handful (more like 2 handfuls) of food trucks setting up, music playing and a few bars with doors open and drinks for sale.  A Food Truck fest is a fun take on launch or dinner date!  You get food and conversation but with a twist!  And what I love about this is if Jeff wants a Philly cheesesteak and Cheese Fries and I want Pancit, Chicken and Lumpia neither of us has to choose because we can just go grab food from our favorite trucks and meet back in the bar for a beer and some fun convo! Hop on google and see what’s happening in your city!

3. Stay In and Cook Dinner Together


I’ve recently heard that one way to strengthen your relationship is to cook together and I can see why!  Jeff and I both love to cook and both being Leos we can both be a bit type A so cooking together is a good way t have fun and allow each other to be in charge (assigned roles) We’ve found that Publix has meal kits for 2 making it suer easy, for $15 you get everything you need down to mini packets of olive oil for dinner.  In 30 minutes you get to spend time with your partner cooking dinner then you get to enjoy dinner together – there’s something special about enjoying a meal with someone who helped you make it!

What are some of your favorite date day/night ideas?


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HEY LOVES – I’M DANIELLE or DANIE – THE LIFE LOVING GIRL BEHIND XOXODANIELLEMONE! I’m currently 28 years old and I live in Orlando, FL with my husband Jeff + our fur baby Bleu (like the cheese), a Blue Nose Pitbull who you can follow on Instagram at @greeneyedbleu. I share our life together and my style here on XOXODanielleMone and on Instagram. I definitely love the colors pink, orange and yellow and all things style but I also love: a great cocktail, home decor, fresh flowers, and spending time with my family (hey mom!).

4 thoughts on “3 Date Night Ideas that Aren’t Your Average

  1. Awesome post! My fiance and I love going to different breweries and wineries and exploring those, it’s awesome to share those experiences. We also play around with cooking different food too, we made an Indian dish once and even though it didn’t taste that good it was still fun.
    Thanks for sharing!

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