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Happy Tuesday!  So I’m all into this new weekly idea of things I’m loving and because I skipped last week I had to bring it to you guys today!  I would usually take this time to share a handful of things I’m loving because we all know there are many things I tend to easily fall for HOWEVER today I’m focusing on just one thing that I’m completely loving! And that’s #BlackGirlsTexting the podcast! I’m beyond obsessed (like I may have listened to just about all the past episodes).

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I’m just going to keep it real with you all, being a black woman in media I love to find and support other black woman in media ESPECIALLY when I love what they’re doing and their content.  So of course I’m full on supporting Sade, Chelsea and Glynn,the girls behind #BlackGirlsTexting and sharing a little about them! If you’re interested in getting to know these girls then keep reading!

I’d love to know a little about each of you! Where are you all from?

We are all from Brooklyn, Sade and Glynn rep Bedstuy, while Chelsea hails from Flatbush.

How long have you all known each other and when/how did you meet?

A long ass time

Glynn and Sade have known each other since they were around 6 or 7 years old. They were neighborhood friends and their parents knew each other.

Sade met Chelsea through a mutual friend in middle school and through Sade, Chelsea and Glynn met.

How did the #BlackGirlsTexting Podcast come about and where do you see it going?

We used to have an instagram where we post our conversations from or group chat that we found thought provoking and funny, but we realized we had more to say than those snippets. One day Chelsea reached out to a friend who has a studio, we recorded a pilot and have kept it going ever since. Eventually Black Girls Texting will become a household name. It will be more than a podcast. We hope to connect women and organise networking events, host conferences and provide mentorship to young black women.

– I love that – Danielle Mone

Where did the name #BlackGirlsTexting come from?  I know it’s a peak for listeners into your group chat but where did it really come from? 

All of our podcasts topics come through conversations that we have in our group chat and we wanted to focus on how modern day millennial women, especially black women share so much of their lives in their group chats and through text. We also wanted to highlight something as simple as texting to show that black women are just like everyone else, we text, we laugh, we cry. It is really meant to show the world that we are more than some of the stereotypes that exist in media about us

I must say I love listening to the podcast and how you all can talk about serious topics BUT still keep it fun, sexual and just real!  Has that ever gotten any backlash for you all?

People seem to like it so far. We talk like how you talk to your friends, because that is what we are. Just a group of authentic friends unpacking all the shit happening around us. We have received some emails that people express that they disagree with things we have said, but we welcome that because the point is to have a dialogue. No topic is off the table and we think that is why we have received great feedback.


How do you come up with content for the podcast?  Do you have notes you all want to hit in each episode or is it more like let’s have a drink, sit down and just see where the conversation goes?

We definitely plan each episode because we dont want to put out whack content. BUT we don’t overplan and sometimes when we start talking TOO much about something in the groupchat, we say “STOP talking about it, and save it for the podcast.”  Drinks are definitely flowing while we record, but it’s meant to feel like a genuine conversation.

Have your lives changed after starting this podcast? 

For sure. We care so much about this thing and dedicating lots of time to making it grow. We are grassroots with no one really behind us but us, so we work lots. It’s becoming all of our “baby” and we believe the sky’s the limit so we put a lot into it.

What advice would you give to young Black girls wanting to get into the entertainment industry be it through starting a podcast or a blog?

Like Nike said, JUST DO IT! Don’t wait, just do it. We JUST started this thing in June and its already growing so fast.

Lastly is there anything you want listeners of yours and readers of mine to know?

Making a podcast is easy and hard at the same time. It is easy to find a studio and record for an hour with your friends, but keeping things fresh, smart and interesting is hard. We really appreciate all the support we are getting so please continue to support, share, rate and subscribe so we can continue to give you fresh and fun content for free.

Trust me when I say, listening to #BlackGirlsTexting is like listening to my group of girlfriends literally have drinks and just talk to each other.  It’s fun, it’s thought provoking and of course it’s freeing!  They’ve certainly gained not only a life long listener out of me but I’ll most definitely be in attendance at those conference and much more!


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