5 Things to do on a Sunday That Will Make Your Week Run a Little Smoother


Happy Tuesday Guys!

Sunday Morning I had a thought.  Sunday is really important to the well being of your entire week.  I mean the saying is “a Sunday well spent brings a week that’s content”  and I whole heartedly believe that!  I decided to come up with a list 5 things you can do on Sunday that will bring you a great feeling throughout the day and week!

If you’re interested in my list then keep reading!

  • Organize Your Space!


One thing I’m big on, on a Sunday morning is organizing my apartment, not cleaning because cleaning is not something you want to associate with your weekend time!  During the week things tend to get a bit sloppy! so organizing is key, whether that means fluffing the cushions on the couch or reorganizing your closet and vanity.  From doing your laundry (because no one wants to do that on a Tuesday after work!) or wiping off your kitchen counters, doing this on Sunday brings me some comfort and helps my week flow smoother because everything is in it’s place!

  • Relax and Enjoy a Face Mask

Relaxing is absolutely everything you need to be doing on a Sunday!  Every Sunday, no matter the time of day I find the time for either a Face Mask or Lush Bath Bomb!  Light yourself some of your favorite candles and pour a glass of your favorite wine because a bath and a mask is calling your name!  There is almost nothing better then shutting yourself away from the world and laying back with your eyes closed in relaxation!

  • Meal Prep!

The way I see it, if you’re going to be cooking dinner anyway then why not make a little extra and prep some extra sides so you can have lunch or dinner for the next few days ready and packaged.  One thing Jeff and I do is cook a few portions more than what’s needed! I’m not saying spend hours and hours in your kitchen on a Sunday- no one wants to do that except maybe a grandma with tons of kids running around (I’m not there yet) BUT if you’re making a chicken dish for dinner why not season a few extra pieces of chicken and cook them up for some salads during the week!  You’ll be thanking yourself on Wednesday. Trust Me!

Looking for some meal prep recipes?  Try Here, Here, Here and Here!

  • Make Your Monday List


Any of my friends will tell you I am a major Agenda/Planner girl – the stickers, the color coded pens; I’m all about it!  One thing that I’ve found that helps my week move just a little bit smoother is have a list for the next day.  Spend some time on Sunday writing out what you need to do on Monday whether that’s in the house or in the office you’ll definitely be glad you took the time to give it some thought!

  • Prep Your Week’s Outfits

Now maybe this one isn’t for everyone but I very much enjoy not scrambling every morning until the last minute with trying to find something to wear!  One thing you can do on Sunday that will make for a much smoother week is outfit prep – much like meal prep!  Take an hour or so out of your Sunday afternoon to check the week’s weather.  Put together outfits for the week – do all necessary ironing and hang them up in your closet according to day!  I promise you’ll enjoy the time styling and be thanking yourself every morning when you run out of the house on time!

What are your Go – To Sunday activities that make your week run much smoother!!?


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