Wedding Wednesday : How He Proposed!

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If you haven’t yet heard, Jeff and I got engaged last weekend and I couldn’t be more elated! Thank you to each person who reached out to us and contributed to the surprise!  I had co-workers who knew, family who flew in and friends that also came into town and they each did great at keeping the big secret from me! Honestly it’s taken me awhile to get back into the swing of regular life and ever since, I’ve been dreaming of the special day, or in my case the special evening .



So every year I like to have something planned for my birthday and this year, with turning 25 there was no exception.  You’d be surprised to know however that I had absolutely no plans for my birthday this year and had left it all up to Jeff.  I had been wanting to have a backyard BBQ at my parents house with some friends but had given up on the idea and told Jeff to surprise me with whatever he wanted.  All week he’d been telling me to buy a dress because he was going to take me out however of course I waited until the morning of my actually birthday to go out and look for one.  The morning of my birthday consisted of shopping for an outfit for the night’s festivities – keep in mind Jeff hadn’t and wouldn’t tell me what he had planned.

Finally I found a dress that I deemed cute enough for dinner ( in my mind that’s what the plan was).  Soon later we got ready, got in the car  and headed to the mall.  I now know that Jeff had some time to kill which was great for me because I got to do a little shopping! Once leaving the mall I found myself blindfolded in the passenger seat of the car! After a half an hour of driving, weird turns and almost falling asleep blindfolded the car stopped, I was carried out and led through a door, upon taking the blindfold off we were at my parents house and tons of people were yelling surprise!

surprise birthdaysurprise birthday 2

char and jsb 5sb 4

The next few hours consisted of shots, food and conversation with friends and family, then came the champagne toast.

char and jj and jshots

In my family for major life events there’s always a champagne toast and moments of going around to say something about the person who’s day it is. Me being as naïve as I am had thought absolutely nothing of it because it was my 25th birthday. First my mother spoke, then my dad, then my brother’s fiancé and some friends, then Jeff. After a toast of I love you and I one day hope to spend my life with you we raised a glass and kissed, he then backed up and said but really and dropped to one knee! I immediately broke down and ran to my dad ( I know I know, but I’m a daddy’s girl) I obviously ran back to Jeff who at this point was on two knees and shook my head yes!!

My surprise birthday party turned into a surprise engagement party and almost everyone there knew but me!
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