Celebrity Spotlight;; Pharrell Williams


Fashion is more about Feel than Science.

Pharrell Williams



This past year has definitely been the Year of Pharrell and I’m not the only one who seems to think so! When you hear Pharrell’s name what comes to mind? Well for me, I think of; NERD, Billionaire Boys Club, Music, Happy, Fashion, Skateboarding and so much more.  This man has a hand in everything and is a genius in so many ways.  


Making statements in every aspect of life from his hit song years ago Beautiful with Snoop Dogg to the hat seen at the Grammys around the world everyone knows who Pharrell Williams is.  






Fashion Statements and a Style all your own is definitely something that I associate with Pharrell,  This is a man who wears what he wants, what he feels like and doesn’t care what others will say.  From colorful Nike space boots, to furs and everything in between from the time Pharrell came onto the scene he’s seemingly had a IDGAF attitude when it came to his fashion and it’s something I definitely admire.  Throughout the years we’ve been able to watch Mr. Williams grow and evolve not only talent wise and musically but dealing with fashion as well.  


This week’s Celebrity Spotlight is definitely on Pharrell Williams 

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