5 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life

We always find ourselves waiting for the Grand Reveal, in The Devil Wears Prada it was the moment Andy’s style completely changed (and her attitude with it), in home makeover shows like Home Town and Fixer Upper it’s the moment we see the house completed. But we shouldn’t just revel in the grand reveal, sometimes the beauty is in the little steps along the way.

This year we’re putting the focus on being our best selves always, in everything we do. I’m sharing 10 small things you can do to that will inevitably change your life! You’ll find that you’re happier, healthier and overall a much better version of yourself once you add these habits into your daily or weekly routine.

  1. Read More

Watching TV is great, I loved cuddling up in a knit blanket on the couch and binging Emily in Paris (3 times) just as much as everyone else and I can scroll Instagram for an hour or two if left to my own devices but there’s nothing like picking up a good book and getting lost in it. Not only will it be better on your eyes (hello blue light) but it definitely gets your imagination going. Finding the perfect time read is completely up to you, sometimes it’s a great way to wind down before bed, or a great lunch time escape but regardless of when you read, you should definitely start reading more!

2. Make Your Bed

I know I can’t be the only person who has this nagging feeling that something is left unfinished if I get my day going without making my bed! It’s been scientifically proven that making your bed every morning can boost your happiness and I speak from experience when I say it does just that. It’s one small victory that can be your first victory of the day.

3. Tidy Up Before Bed

At the end of the night when you’re tired and possibly had a glass or two of wine the last thing you want to do is get up and clean, trust me I get it but do it because when you wake up in the morning to a clean space you’ll thank yourself! Something as simple as putting that pile of clothes away, wiping down the kitchen counters and folding the throw blanket on the couch will take no more than 10 to 15 minutes and will give you such a great feeling!

4. Mute or Unfollow Accounts on Social Media

We’ve all been there, following the girl who seems like she always has it together or maybe even one of those gossip blogs, in the moment it’s a small indulgence but after you’re done you’re left feeling a little down about yourself or just a little off. Just mute or unfollow those accounts! Trust me, I understand that we now live in a world where social media is very much prevalent but you have to remember people are posting their highlight reels and if you feel less or even just slightly annoyed by something or someone you’re seeing, make it so you no longer see them, swap them out for an account that brings you joy! A little peace of mind if you will.

5. Get Active

Now, I’m not a gym girl and I’ll probably never be a gym girl and I’m certainly not the girl who’s going for a jog in the evening but getting active for 15 minutes everyday will not only release endorphins which make you happy but give your body the push it needs! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a little farther back while running your errands all small things you can do to get your body a little more active than the day before.

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HEY LOVES – I’M DANIELLE or DANIE – THE LIFE LOVING GIRL BEHIND XOXODANIELLEMONE! I’m currently 28 years old and I live in Orlando, FL with my husband Jeff + our fur baby Bleu (like the cheese), a Blue Nose Pitbull who you can follow on Instagram at @greeneyedbleu. I share our life together and my style here on XOXODanielleMone and on Instagram. I definitely love the colors pink, orange and yellow and all things style but I also love: a great cocktail, home decor, fresh flowers, and spending time with my family (hey mom!).

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