5 Tips For Achieving French Style

Keep It Minimalistic with Jewelry

Here in the states we often here about statement and eye catching pieces of jewelry- bold choices but from what I’ve seen, that really isn’t the style in France. You’ll find a more subtle approach to jewelry when searching #frenchgirlstyle and you will certainly see gold! Think smaller gold hoops, thin, delicate chains.

Embrace Flats

During the day you’ll probably never see a French Girl galavanting around the city in heels – it just isn’t practical. You’ll see tons of loafers, sandals and the ever classic ballet flat paired with everything from jeans and a crisp white button up to a summer dress and sweater!

Invest in Quality Pieces

Its important to remember the age old saying Quality over Quantity and boy is that true! When shopping for basics it is absolutely fine to shop at quick fashion retailers like H&M and Zara but for those long term pieces you absolutely want to invest in a great quality pieces. Think jeans, the classic LBD, a blazer!

Neutrals are Your Friend – Keep Your Palette Simple

Think White, Black and Camel. Its perfectly fine to add a pop of color but remember more often than not walking down the street you’ll see a denim jean with a white button up, a leather trouser with a black turtleneck and a camel coat, always keep it simple!

Curate the Basics

The French keep it basic without being basic. Think about lots of simple designs and again a neutral color palette. Start your wardrobe by acquiring the basics; a great cotton t-shirt, buttons ups, jeans and a few trousers. Then move onto blazers, coats and dresses, finishing with accessories; shoes, bags etc.

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