20 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am 28 Years Old
  2. I’m the middle of 3 children (and seriously suffered from middle child syndrome)
  3. My favorite food is probably tacos – you can make anything into a taco
  4. I binge Fashion Shows like no other ; I finished Emily in Pais in one morning
  5. I’ve been wearing contacts for 13 years
  6. I got married at 26
  7. I am a Leo and so is my husband (seriously a true Leo!)
  8. I have a 6 month old Blue Pitbull named Bleu like the cheese (add him on Insta @greeneyedbleu)
  9. My favorite shows of all time are; Gossip girl, Sex & the City and The Bold Type
  10. I can eat a cheese and charcuterie board any time of day
  11. I love a Moscow Mule and lately I live for a Lychee Martini
  12. If I could only wear one nail lacquer for the rest of m life i would be Essie Poor Little Rich Girl (Red)
  13. I hate Casinos with everything in me – I don’t understand the concept of gambling my money for the CHANCE to win more back – and I ate the smoke
  14. I am from New York
  15. My favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada
  16. If I could eat a bagel everyday it would be a toasted Asiago Cheese Bagel with Cream Cheese
  17. I am a luxury handbag addict
  18. I eat ice – like multiple cups a day
  19. My favorite season is Fall
  20. I met my husband at 22