8 Classic Cocktails to Perfect Before Summer’s End

Listen, as a girl who got her degree in Event Management and worked in night clubs and bars for the first half of her twenties I can be honest in saying I ALWAYS had dreams of owning some super stylish cocktail lounge. Not the type of place where people come after 11PM to dance and get drunk but a place with smooth jazz, a specific dress code, drinks made by not just bartenders but mixologists and a place known as the must be, most instagrammable place in town. Now clearly that isn’t the path I took (at least not yet!) but Hey, a girl can dream.

If I’m not going to own this Cocktail Lounge I can at least spend my Summer months perfecting those super classic cocktails that would’ve been on the menu! I’m always going on and on about not only having a Signature Drink that you of course always order and are definitely known for but a signature drink that you know how to make like the back of your hand and are always making at your home get togethers. I’ve put together a list of 8 Super Classic Cocktails, the drinks that every bartender should know how to make, the ones that can really only be served in a specific glass and are always the same no matter where you’re having them!

Classic Old Fashioned

What We’re Doing; Tucked away in the back of a Jazz Club


What We’re Doing; Date night on a rooftop lounge overlooking the city

Gin Martini

What We’re Doing; Happy Hour with the Girls before a night out on the town

Classic Margarita

What We’re Doing; Summertime BBQ with friends


What We’re Doing; Sophisticated Sunday Funday Vibes


What We’re Doing; Poolside with a great book

Moscow Mule

What We’re Doing; Having drinks and great conversation with friends on the patio on he perfect Summer day

French 75

What We’re Doing; Dressed up and at the hottest restaurant bar with friends

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