6 GirlBoss Podcast You Need in Your Life

XOXO Danielle Mone

Within the last year or so I’ve found myself listening to podcast much more often than I listen to music and those who know me personally know how much I love music ( I married a former musician for crying out loud) but I’ve recently found myself engulfed in this world of podcasts and I find that I’m becoming more and more interested in them.

Whether lying in bed or driving to work I have found that I just need a little more out of what I’m listening to other than a great beat and some up beat lyrics.  Over the last year I’ve come across a handful of podcasts that are not only entertaining but give me a glimpse into blogging, fashion, entrepreneurship, relationships and much more. I’ve found that I’m in a mode of constantly referring the podcast I listen to all my girlfriends which is how I know I’m hooked!

I can typically tell if I’m going to be into a podcast after listening to the first half of any episode. I know that sounds crazy but I promise it’s so true! There have been  a few different times that I’ve moved right along after only 15-20 minutes of listening and I promise I try hard to give them all a good listen but if I’m not into it I’m just not into it! I’ve tried to venture into different genres however I also find myself coming right back to the same type of podcast.  As mentioned earlier I love a good lifestyle, pop culture, fashion – women driven podcast!

Here’s a list of my Top 6 GirlBoss Podcast You Need in Your Life

LiketoKnow.It Influencer Radio

This one is for the girls who are completely into the fashion and lifestyle influencer gig (the girls like me!) I could sit down for hours and listen to interviews with Courtney Kerr of Kerrently, Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied and Lydia E Millen of Lydia E Millen.  There is something so satisfying for me, listening to these girls talk about where they are in the influencer (blogging) community, how they got there and the trials and tribulations they’ve faced and how they got through them.  Especially being a young woman who finds the industry so interesting and glamourous ( I know it’s not fully a glamourous gig!)

Second Life

If you’re a woman who finds yourself in a career that you don’t necessarily want to stay in then this is definitely for you!  Host by Who What Wear Co-Founder Hillary Kerr, this podcast is one that converses with many woman throughout different industries on starting at point A and ending at point G! I thoroughly enjoy listening to the chronicles of woman who have created their business and share the details of entrepreneurship after having started their careers doing something completely different that just didn’t speak to them.  We’ve all been there!


This one is purely entertainment value.  Listening to Becca, Jac and Keltie is always a good time.  It truly feels like I’m at the gym, in the car or lounging around with my group of girlfriends just talking about life and listening to advice. If you’re a girl’s girl and enjoy the fun free loving idea of a girl gang then this podcast is most definitely for you!

GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

After reading GirlBoss the book, not once but twice and watching the Netflix series I was all into this podcast! There is something s satisfying about listening to a woman have conversations with other woman who are mist certainly blazing the trail in their respected fields (even more so when you find it’s a field you want to be a part of) One part of every episode I truly enjoy is hearing about each girl’s Girl Boss Moment – the moment that made her feel empowered and told her you can do it, so go do it!  With episodes featuring Glossier Found Emily Weiss and the forever known Sarah Jessica Parker this is a podcast for the girl who needs to get a little bit more motivated!

Work Party

Self-described as Part Work, Part Party, WorkParty the podcast is said to be for the girl of this generation! The girl like me who is taking the meaning of work and redefining it to fit her life on her times. I’d like to think you see the pattern here, women who have created there on business thriving and talking about it! Featuring women like Rebecca Minkoff, Busy Phillips and Marianna Hewitt I would most definitely give this a listen.

Superwoman with Rebecca Minkoff

Anytime I get to listen to an interview with Editor and Chief of Allure Magazine Michelle Lee, I’m all ears and when I saw Rebecca Minkoff had the opportunity to sit with her and discuss her life and her career and what it took to get there and stay in the position she’s in I was all in! From there I would find myself tuning in every week, taking notes on things I could personally polish up on to ensure I would be successful and to ensure I would never block myself from success (whether that personally came in the form of fear or just not having enough drive) With weekly episodes with woman like Michelle Lee and Editor and Chief of Glamour Magazine Samantha Barry this podcast is for the girl who has found herself wanting to get a foot in the Fashion Editorial Door and truthfully any Fashion door!

xoxo DM

“As long as you’re interested in people and things, that curiosity propels you forward.”

-Joanna Coles

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