Making Your Weekend Count ;5 Things You Can Do Saturday and Sunday for a Mental Boost

When you work in an at times mentally draining environment or with people that can at times be difficult there’s nothing you look forward to more than the weekend and maximizing your fun time.  I understand the feeling of anxiety Sunday night about having to go back to the office and the feeling of being drained Friday afternoon after a week of roller coaster emotions and situations. After having one of these particularly difficult weeks at the office our first thought is to do something fun and have jam packed weekends of activities but usually these activities (Sunday Funday, Brunch and overall running around to complete errands you didn’t have time to complete during the week) leave you physically and even more mentally exhausted.

The best thing anyone can do during the weekend is restore their mental health! Restoring your mental health prior to the beginning of the work week can be fun, inexpensive and extremely beneficial. When you’re feeling like your on a roller coaster during the week, feeling not in control and becoming more and more drained what you need is to take some time to yourself and rejuvenate your body and mind! I’ve put together a few ideas of what you can do on the weekends to restore your mental health.


Take Back Your Morning

Picture this, it’s Saturday morning, your alarm is turned off and you wake up when your body naturally wakes you up. Make yourself breakfast while sipping a latte from your favorite mug in those comfortable house slippers you have. Nothing feels better than preparing for the day ahead at your own pace. No routine and no rush, just enjoying your morning

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Pamper Yourself

A pick me up is exactly what you need after a week of being over it.  Book yourself a manicure and pedicure, have a glass of wine (if your salon does that type of thing) and sit back and relax! Maybe a massage is your thing, whatever your thing is taking an hour or 2 out of your weekend to do something you want to do for yourself that you will enjoy.  Unplug for a bit and tap into the vibes of relaxation

Turn Off Your Social Media Notifications

Before you all lose your minds think about what I’m actually saying here. Don’t delete all your Social Media accounts, just turn off the notifications. Nothing bad will come from your phone not telling you someone liked your Instagram photo or Retweeted your last tweet!  The anxiety some might feel from having to constantly check they’re notifications and respond to people will fade away and  you’ll simple and effortlessly enjoy your weekend while giving your mental a small rest and therefore boost

Spend Some Time with Friends or Loved Ones

Let’s be honest here, after spending a week with people that you’re honestly forced to spend the majority of your waking hours with there’s nothing that feels better than spending time with your real life friend and loved ones.  There’s nothing like hanging out and just spending some fun time with people you can truly unwind and be yourself with.     When I find that I’ve had a terrible week and I’m feeling truly mentally drained, there’s nothing better for me than spending time with my Fiancé and/or my parents.  Its always a fun and reflective time


Read a Book

Reading isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing but I personally enjoy sitting by the window with the blinds open and diving into a good book, even a magazine to be honest.   Sometimes when you’re reading about something you’re interested in you’ll find yourself more relaxed and your mind will wonder into the fantasy of whatever it is you’re reading and you’ll feel your body and mind begin to relax.

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