5 Books Every Twenty Something Girl Needs on Her Bookshelf

Growing up I often found myself lost in the books I read. Although my parents would argue, I’d say one of my favorite stores was Barnes and Nobles.  As I grew I found myself reading less and less and not because I wasn’t into reading a good book while curled up in my favorite blanket but because the content of books had changed.  By the time I was in high school I had read through the entire Gossip Girl series and all books a like( that’s what interested me) But more recently in the last few years I’ve curated quite the collection of books I feel absolutely EVERY Twenty Something Girl Needs! I mean let’s be honest, for the last 13 years I’ve lived in Orlando, FL and what’s better on a rainy Summer afternoon than reading a book and getting excited about life?

There’s definitely no shortage of books for young women to read and I thought why not share some of my favorites! For the girl in high school getting ready to head out to college, for the girl in college applying for her internships, for twenty something girl who’s extremely ambitious and for all those girls who want to work for themselves, These books are for you!



This book inspired me to get my shit together! Although NastyGal may not be parading on a high horse right now what’s better than reading a true story about a twenty-two year old girl(Sophia Amoruso) who was a school drop out- down on luck and started a business that girls everywhere admired? GirlBoss is a great book that I finished in just one weekend and for good reason!  Let’s also note Netflix did turn it into a series (but like I always say, the book was better!) GirlBoss is both a guide of Female Entrepreneurship and my personal favorite topic ; Fashion! This book is for the twenty something girl who has been constantly thinking of starting her own business but either doesn’t know how or is scared of the vision! Just go for it.

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Leave Your Mark; Land Your Dream Job, Kill It In Your Career, Rock Social Media

leave your mark

When Aliza Licht writes a book, and you’re a fashion girl; you read it! For those of you who don’t know Aliza is GLOBAL Fashion Communication Exec and is literally known as the PR Girl, DKNY’s PR Girl to be exact! Now does she ring a bell? Leave Your Mark is literally a conversation between you and Fashion’s best possibly mentor, it’s so much more than a book.  I wish I would’ve come across this book at the beginning of my college career oppose to a year after I’d graduated – I would’ve taken so many opportunities and task way more seriously. Not only did Aliza share some serious Andrea Sachs moments (google the name) she shares with all readers some great advice not limited to but including; If your DREAM job doesn’t exist, you can create it!

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Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office

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This book was given to me at my college graduation party from my sister in law and boy did she have a gem with this one! (Thanks Liana) This book is a reboot of the original Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. Ever wonder why a coworkers career is taking off like a rocket and you’re still sitting at the same old desk?  You need to grab this book asap! You might not agree with all points however it’s a nice perspective.  101 unconscious mistakes you make in the office – from self-sabotage to how to approach coworkers.

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Power Your Happy; Work Hard, Play Nice and Build Your Dream Life

power your happr

Lisa Sugar. If that name means nothing to you then how about POPSugar.  As the founder of mega social, pop culture brand POPSugar , Lisa has curated a book that is definitely in my top 5 must reads! I mean who wouldn’t want to read a book written by a women who spends her days in a super chic office creating YouTube videos and blog posts about what’s new in pop-culture, the must have fashion items, Instagram-worthy everythings and so much more.  Even more than being a kick ass business woman, reading Power Your Happy, you’ll learn Lisa is married with 3 daughters, she’s a self proclaimed Soccer-Mom and has time to read her children stories every night. Read all about starting your dream career ( the good and the terrible) and take in her message of Being Happy, Having your dream career and even more importantly your Dream Life is everything that every Twenty Something Girl Needs to Read!

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Girlcode; Unlock the Secrets to Success, Sanity and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur

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Now I know every women out there doesn’t want to start her ow business and that’s perfectly fine however this book is one you should certainly read regardless. Girl Code is a book that wills hare with you the code to succeeding at life! Well not so blatantly but you get what I’m saying!  Girl Code is literally a step by step guide for Professionals and Entrepreneurs. As a women in business this book is great, teaching you to eliminate jealousy, build your inner confidence and network!  Become an empowered woman so you can share the knowledge and empower other women!

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What’s Your Favorite Girl Power Book?  Drop it in the comments so I can grab it and give it a read!

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