The Twenty Something Girl’s Guide to Living Life; Week Night Date Night Ideas

From being at work a minimum of 8 hours day to trying to connect with friends for happy hour and of course the morning or evening gym session carving out time to spend with your partner can be tough! and keep in mind it’s not because you’re too busy, (you’re never too bust for someone you want to spend time with) its because you’re just tired right? Before Jeff’s new job his schedule was 11AM-8PM and mine was 8AM-5PM, with my alarm going off a 615AM by the time Jeff would get home at 9PM I would be ready to eat dinner and head to bed! Thankfully his schedule changed but beyond schedules, date night is crucial in any relationship and remember date night can be something super simple- you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun with your partner!

I’m going to give you some of my favorite week night, date night ideas and hopefully they work for you and your significant other as well as they work for Jeff and I!

One thing Jeff and I love is “Tasty Tuesday” here in Orlando every Tuesday in the Milk District is Tasty Takeover, where a bunch of local bars open up there doors and the parking lots are flooded with food trucks!  Parking is completely free and the food is beyond amazing.  Sometimes it’s fun to meet up with friends but it’s always a fun date night to go alone, grab a beer (or in my case a cider) and eat some good food! Getting out of the house and going somewhere/doing something that isn’t too hectic or will have you out too late is always a good date night idea for throughout the week.

I think some of the best dates are interactive dates (I’ve always said the movies for a first date is terrible) With so many bowling alleys offering promotions for week nights why not head to the bowling alley for a game or two.  I absolutely love bowling and it’s a fun and again inexpensive way to hang out with your partner on a week night all while doing something fun, besides a little competition never hurt anyone!

Here’s a good one! Grab a bottle wine and cook dinner at home together!  I think a couple who can cook together and not argue is definitely a couple who stays together!I mean there was that one time I knocked over the entire bowl of chicken Jeff was cleaning and we had to order take out BUT we got past that. HAHA One great week night date night is cooking dinner together!  It’s great bonding time and can even be a little sexy.  Grab your bowl (of whatever) snuggle up on the couch with a glass of wine and throw on Netflix!

These are just a few date night ideas that I think can help keep your relationship thrive throughout the week! Be sure to drop a comment and tell me what your date night consist of Monday-Thursday!


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HEY LOVES – I’M DANIELLE or DANIE – THE LIFE LOVING GIRL BEHIND XOXODANIELLEMONE! I’m currently 28 years old and I live in Orlando, FL with my husband Jeff + our fur baby Bleu (like the cheese), a Blue Nose Pitbull who you can follow on Instagram at @greeneyedbleu. I share our life together and my style here on XOXODanielleMone and on Instagram. I definitely love the colors pink, orange and yellow and all things style but I also love: a great cocktail, home decor, fresh flowers, and spending time with my family (hey mom!).

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