Teamiblends 30 Day Detox ; 2 Week Update

Okay guys, I feel like I keep saying the same thing so this time around I’m going to get more in detail about myself!  I’ve seen and heard time and time again of all these ways women and men try to lose weight – trust me I work in an office full of women so I’ve heard about crazy diets and pills and more!  The Teamiblends tea is nothing like that and that’s what I like about it!  I don’t feel like I’m dieting to get the body I want I’m just adding something into my daily routine thats super normal (drinking tea)

When I first started seeing information about the Teamiblends 30 Day Detox tea I was super intrigued and honestly why wouldn’t I be, you mean to tell me there’s a tea I can drink every day and every other night for 30 days and it will not only assist with my metabolism, but it’ll suppress my cravings, eliminate my tummy bloating and help with my skin? I was and still am completely hear for it! So why not give it a try?

As a blogger I’m pretty fortunate in being able to try different products and when I was sent the Detox Tea I couldn’t have been more excited to try it!  I’ve been downing this tea for about 2 weeks now and when I telly out he results are insane!  Now I’m not about to post a photo of myself in a bikini or a sports bra because thats just not what I do but check out my instagram in a few weeks because my beach body is totally here! This tea does everything it promises to do and I truly am wowed!

Being on week 2 of this tea things definitely simmered down a bit.  Not that I had really any cramping with the Colon Tea BUT I will absolutely say it eased its way through my body a little better than during week 1. Ladies I can’t stress enough however if you’re drinking this Colon Tea, you absolutely must drink as much water as you can, you want to make sure you’re hydrated before you hit the toilet (let’s just be real).  As i said with last weeks update the suppressing of my cravings that comes with drinking the Skinny Tea is still surprising to me.  As someone who eats and eats and eats the fact that I’m not getting hungry every few hours is really great to me!  I love that I feel like I’m able to control my eating. In terms of the way I look I’m literally loving how my morning bloating had been eliminated – literally there is no water weight because when I wake up my tummy is already looking flat!  I have never felt more awake, alive, and in control of my body and honestly, I’m loving it!

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