Blog Sale!!!

Happy Tuesday Guys!

SO I’mm coming here today for a small but necessary blog sale!  I have 2 bags that need out of my collection and I thought why not come to my friends here on the blog to try to sell them!  So let’s get into it.

First the Henri Bendel 712 Convertible Shoulder Bag

This handbag retails for $398.00 and features quilted leather, with a pocket in the back and the fabulous chain strap.  I had my eye on this bag for months and a few weeks ago decided to purchase it.  After about 3 uses I started to realize, bright colors are just not my thing and I much rather prefer it in black or a nude so I’m going a whim and listing this bag for $250!  If you’re interested go ahead and leave a comment!


The Henri Bendel Canteen Mini Shoulder Bag

This handbag retails for $328.00 and I’m listing is for $100.  It is a smaller bag that is composed of one larger pocket and two smaller pockets on the side.  The bag in my opinion is very classic and has a great silhouette adding a bit of chic to every outfit!  If you’re interested in this bag leave a comment!