Week 1 Update – Teamiblends 30 Day Detox

Ok ladies… and gentlemen because this gem is everyone!

I know you’re dying to know how week 1 of my 30 day detox with the TeamiBlends Skinny and Colon tea has gone!Well for those of you that were waiting to see my week 1 review to buy this amazing detox tea,  go ahead and purchase now because this stuff is seriously amazing!

Let’s start with the Skinny Tea which is to be drank every day – in the morning before breakfast and up to 3 times in the day!  One major thing I noticed immediately was not only the reduction of bloating but more importantly the suppression of cravings.  Everyone at my job knows that I am notorious for my 2nd lunch! Around 3 pm I will eat an entirely new meal and on Day 1 of my skinny tea I had absolutely no craving at all for a new meal – I did however have a small snack but that’s definitely normal.  As before mentioned, in addition to the suppression of cravings I noticed that I was not bloated waking up and throughout the day as the week of tea went on.  I also noticed right off the bat that my energy levels were way up!  I didn’t feel groggy in the morning and I was bright eyed and attentive all day – I really fell alive drinking the Skinny Tea! I start my morning with a tumbler of Skinny tea on my way to work, then I have oatmeal around 9:15am, between lunch time and my end of business day (about 4:30pm) I drink between 1 and 2 more tumblers of the tea.

Now on to the Colon Tea – this tea is to be drank every other night 1 hour before bed and be sure to drink at least 8 oz of water before hand! Trust Me!  It’ll make for a smoother process not that it’s harsh or anything at least not in my experience. The colon tea is to cleanse and purify the body from the inside out.  This tea not only cleanses the body but it’s said to be used to boosts the metabolism, help you sleep, aid in weightless and of course give you a boost of energy! I will say the next morning the tea definitely did it’s job if you know what I mean which definitely did have me feeling a little lighter and of course more energized! I can’t really measure my metabolism but I can say in the week that I’ve been drinking the colon tea (every other night) It has certainly aided in my staying a sleep, thank God i’m not waking up though out the night.

I definitely feel like I’m on the right track to my super sexy Summer body! Remember ladies Brazilian Bikinis all Summer long! If this TeamiBlends Detox Tea keeps working the way it has this past week then I’m certainly going to be on the beach all Summer long. If you’re interested in giving this detox a shot with me then use my discount code XOD15 for 15% off!


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