The Henri Bendel Blogger Event

Hey ladies!!

So it’s absolutely no secret that Henri Bendel is without a doubt my favorite brand!  I just love everything and my biggest brand success of 2017 was becoming an official Bendel Girl.  This past weekend I was invited to and had a blast attending my local boutique’s Blogger Events.  Tons of bloggers here in Orlando gathered at the Henri Bendel store for champagne, snacks and of course a preview and a chance to purchase from the newest collection.


I Invited my long time friend Ghislaine to attend with me and we had a blast!  The event started at 9am however Ghis and I arrived around 10:30. we previewed the new collection (there was an abundance of things I wanted) From backpacks to the cutest black leather fanny back and even SLG’s and sunnies, the new collection was absolutely everything!


Of course Ghislaine and I did plenty of trying on and it should be no secret that I definitely did some shopping.  I had the hardest time deciding between the Henri Bendel 712 Shoulder Bag and the Warren St shoulder bag; both with the chain strap detail and I eventually decided on one!


In the end I decided on the pink 712!


To the girls of Henri Bendel Millenia thank you so much for the invite I had a wonderful time!


3 thoughts on “The Henri Bendel Blogger Event

    1. The red/orange bag is killer! I love that back so much and is slightly bigger than what I went with. The inside has 2 compartments instead of one and also comes in blue! It’s part of the new collection but also comes in black which I believe is on sale and an array of pastels which I believe are 30% off



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