The Twenty Something Girl’s Guide – My 2018 Bucket List


Ok Ladies…. and Gents ( because this one is for everybody) I know we all hate the saying New Year, New Me; let’s just face it nothing ever changes.  You say you’re making a conscious effort to blah blah blah and then you fall of the wagon!  It’s ok to admit it but this year I’m all about crossing at least 5 items off my bucket list!  My 2018 Bucket List is here and these are some items you can cross off your bucket list too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution kinda girl because I feel like a resolution is a solution to a problem and I don’t necessarily see any problems in my current every day situation HOWEVER I do have New Year’s Intentions because there are many things I certainly intend to do in this new year! So let’s get into it!

  1. Add Some Stamps to My Passport


Jeff and I were talking in the end of last year about all the places we’ve visited together in the past year and the places we hope to visit together this year.  There’s of course the fun stay-cations that last overnight, the cool vacations into other cities and even sometimes other states but this year we’re taking it a little further than that! Neither of us have taken a “real” vacation in quite some time.  I’m talking more than 5 days cut off from reality (unless you change the phone plan!) Cruising into the Caribbean has been the topic of conversation for awhile now.  Whether that’s sometime in St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands or a day visiting all the wonderful islands there is to see, 2018 will certainly be the year of adding stamps to our passports!

2. Utilize My Agenda Everyday

agenda shot

I’m just going to be honest with all of you by first being honest with myself – every December a buy a beautiful agenda complete with stickers and the most perfect paper Mate Gel Pens and a few weeks into the new year I stop using it then begin again somewhere around July.  This year will not be that year! I plan on keeping my life organized in all aspects by utilizing my planner every day of the year!  From keeping things together with the blog, to details about work, wedding planning and appointments, my Blue Sky Planner will be very well used come December 2018!

3. Visit a New City


I’ve been harping to Jeff about wanting to move –  I honestly feel there’s nothing for me here in Orlando and I’m just living here.  Last year Jeff and I visited New Orleans, Sarasota and Memphis together (amongst many other mini Vacays) for the first time and it was great visiting not only new cities but new states as well.  I love visiting new places because I love throwing myself into the culture of people in different cities, the food, the recreation and the art! There’s something about going to a place you’ve never been, venturing into downtown and hanging with locals ( especially when they’re friendly!) This year will be the year of seeing every state!

4. Make 1 New Contact in my DREAM Career’s Industry

the girls

I think making career orientated goals are on everyone’s new year list however this one isn’t anything to harsh! I’m not quitting my job just because I see no growth and I’m ready for the next step. Let’s not make any IRASH decisions here BUT, networking is everything and between going out and social media platforms (other than Linkedin) there are so many ways for you to meet people!  Trust me, as a blogger I am constantly meeting girls who work for brands that I end up collaborating with and creating great friendships with as well.  This year one major goal of mine is to meet and create an authentic relationship with someone in the industry I so want to be a part of, the fashion marketing industry!  It’s all about growing yourself and your brand, learning from every possible teacher you can learn from and creating relationships and collaborations.

5. Commit to a Better Lifestyle; Mentally, Physically and Financially

sunday 2

Ok guys, I’m not going out and paying for a gym membership here! I will be giving myself a set time to do an hour workout in my living room every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, drinking smoothies for breakfast and having a salad for Lunch or Dinner every day.  It’s all about looking at the lifestyle you’re currently living and finding small ways to make it better.  Remember, Salads are way to have fun creating your food and working out is fun when you have Selena Gomez Come and Get It blasting! I will be sitting down every day to read a book (right now I’m reading Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office) I’m working on my mental health by indulging in books that are going to push me and better my career and financially I’m making life better because although we all know I have no concept of budgeting, I will be saving this year!

What’s on your bucket list this year?

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