Handbag Heaven Right Here in Orlando


As an Orlando Blogger I feel like it’s my job to keep everyone informed on great things I find in this city!  Well guys I have officially stumbled upon one of the greatest Vintage storefronts and you’ll never guess where!  The Dillard’s in the Florida Mall.

This past weekend I spent the day with my family mall hopping while my sister was doing her back to school shopping.  Midway through the day we left the Millennia Mall and ended up at the Florida Mall, we always park and enter through Dillard’s because its super easy to find parking, we walked in and there it was, the Vintage Designer!  As I quickly began looking at all the Louis Vuitton (so many Speedy B’s I’m obsessed with), the Vintage Lady Dior(one of my personal favs!), the Gucci and more I was greeted by the Vintage Director herself, Jill.  With her bubbly personality, very apparent love for designer handbags AND accessories we quickly struck up conversation.


When I saw the display available in store I literally lost my mind! Anyone who knows me knows one bag I’ve wanted since purchasing my first Louis Vuitton which was a Speedy 35, is the Speedy 25 Bandouliere and ladies the Vintage Designer in Dillard’s at the Florida Mall had quite a few.  While talking with Jill I also noticed an Epi Leather Alma BB, A cream Vintage Lady Dior, a few Small Leather Goods and so much more!  I was literally stunned and honestly like a kid in a candy store I wanted everything I saw (we all know I’m such a handbag girl) One bag in particular stuck out and I just had to look at it! An Hermes Birkin!  The bag was in a glass case and I must say was in pristine condition- one thing I noticed while looking around is that every bag was in great condition, looked new and guys, the prices were great!


With my birthday in just 12 days I know where I’ll be looking for my gift!

If you’re interested in any bags reach out to  Jill and be sure to visit her at the Dillards in the Florida Mall! If you’re not in the Orlando area follow her social accounts:

Facebook – Jill Suzanna Blythe


Twitter  – VintageDirector

Check her out because I certainly plan on grabbing a few things for my ever growing bag collection!


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