Top 5 Hidden Gems in Orlando

When you hear Orlando you probably think tourists, Disney and Universal.  Am I right? Well living here you quickly learn to look past all that, it’s honestly not as great as people think when you can go whenever you want.  Living here we like to venture off to the smaller less known (by tourist) “hidden gems” around town.  I’m going to share 5 of my favorite and unique places scattered around Orlando with you.

1. Hanson’s Shoe Repair


Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a shoe repair shop.  Hanson’s is the top floor and roof of NV Art Bar owned by Orlando’s very own The V Group.  It’s a password protected speak easy. How does it work? simple, call the number (its online) get the password, when you show up a man will ask you for the password and then you get in, I promise you’re walking into a new era.  Once inside there’s no photos, no cell phones, no smoking and of course appropriate attire must be worn.  As shown the decor is amazing and the vibe is very authentic, as for drinks, it’s mixology which in my opinion is amazing, a bit pricy but definitely worth it.  If you want a more intimate relaxed vibe this is a great alternative to the loud and packed Wall St.

2. Cafe Tu Tu Tango


If you want color, an eclectic group and fun and free spirited vibe with music, food and art then this place is must see.  Somewhat of a tapas bar the portions are almost all small for appetizer sharing size.  With items like sangria in your own mason jar, cajun chicken egg rolls, dynamite shrimp and just about everything else you can dream up this place is your tummy’s paradise!  The food isn’t the only reason Cafe Tu Tu Tango is on my list, but it’s a colorful room filled with art and fun with live music, real psychics and of course not only art hanging on all every wall for purchase but artists creating around every corner, this restaurant is definitely  place to experience.

3. The Enzian Theater


The non profit art house movie theater is a staple here in Orlando, officially located in Maitland many people visit this theater. Host to not only the Florida Film Festival but many other theaters the Enzian is most certainly where you want to go to see a movie.  With a nice size screen and red velvet couches the theater is a comfy homey place!

4. Lake Eola Farmers Market


Lake Eola alone is a very beautiful area where you can walk (or run) around, visit the park, ride he giant swans, see both white and black swans and so much more.  Going on 25 years now every Sunday’s from 10 to 4 in the afternoon Lake Eola is transformed into the wonderful Farmer’s Market.  Everything from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables to homemade soaps,  ready to eat foods and fresh flowers can be found at the farmer’s market, but thats not all!  Vendors selling everything you can imagine, live entertainment, a wine and beer garden and a family and pet friendly environment is what you’ll find every Sunday at the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market.

5. Wall Street 


Everyone in Orlando knows about Wall St, the check IDs before you’re even allowed onto the street (it’s barricaded off)  You must be 21 or older to enter because the street is lined wit nothing but bars, of course they have food but let’s be honest, no one really goes for that!  From happy hours to late nights and early mornings the bars are always packed with fun, young people.  Now don’t let me fool you, if you don’t like loud place and a lot of people ten Wall St probably isn’t the place for you, truth be told typically it isn’t the place for me but I do enjoy it from time to time.  With places like; Cantina, Hooch and Money Bar and events always happening you’ll never be bored on Wall St, day or night.

hope you enjoy

xox Danielle Mone’

the photos used int his post are not taken by me

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