Orange is the New Black


It’s easy to get caught up in all the trends online and the 15 serums you need but skincare should be simple.  Your skin is sensitive (whether you realize it or now) and doing to much can do more damage than good! Keep your skincare routine simple, a cleanser (my go to is the Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap – oil free with a gentle exfoliation, I pair this with a matching toner before going in with my eye cream, a moisturizer, my Black Girl Sunscreen and a lip balm. 


I’m not saying you can’t drink! This girl loves a social and a couch drink as much as the next but when I say limit I really mean know your limits.  No one wants to be around or be the sloppy person slurring words or stumbling around.  It just isn’t a good look.  Additionally, no one wants to wake up the next morning with even the smallest headache – there was plenty of that in college and I never want to have those mornings again. Blake Lively said it best – “ I don’t like the effect of alcohol, but I like being a part of it”  We all like being social, having a glass of wine or a nice cocktail with friends but that doesn’t mean you need to have 5 – limit your alcohol.


In the last year my water intake has probably more than doubled and each day starts with a bottle of water before anything else! Think about your personal water intake and ask yourself do you drink enough water throughout your day?  Truthfully, the answer is probably no but the benefits to starting your day with a glass of water are life changing! It’s been said that starting your day with drinking a glass of water can increase skin radiance, help with weight loss, increase shin in hair, strengthen the immune system and so much more. 


Since I was a child I can remember being told Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day and honestly I totally agree. There’s something to be said for making sure that breakfast I a healthy one but at this point isn’t it really just about breaking the nightly fast and getting your body going?! Sometimes I opt for Coconut Yogurt with Raspberries and Honey, Sometimes I want a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel.  Whether you are an Avocado Toast type of girl or a Fruit Loops girl you need to ensure that you’re eating something in the morning! 

Are you practicing any of these healthy habits?

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HEY LOVES – I’M DANIELLE or DANIE – THE LIFE LOVING GIRL BEHIND XOXODANIELLEMONE! I’m currently 28 years old and I live in Orlando, FL with my husband Jeff + our fur baby Bleu (like the cheese), a Blue Nose Pitbull who you can follow on Instagram at @greeneyedbleu. I share our life together and my style here on XOXODanielleMone and on Instagram. I definitely love the colors pink, orange and yellow and all things style but I also love: a great cocktail, home decor, fresh flowers, and spending time with my family (hey mom!).

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