5 Way to Indulge in Self-Care on Sunday

The Twenty Something Girl's Guide to Living Life

It’s 2020 and this is the year of you! Doing what you want (within reason) and making sure that above all else you really take care of yourself! Self Care is defined as “the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during period’s of stress” and we all hate stress so YES self-care is very needed especially on Sundays before heading back into the dreary office.

If you’re into learning about things you can do on a Sunday to give yourself a little self-care then keep reading!

  • Go To Brunch with Girlfriends 

No I’m not saying down 4 bottles of Champagne worth of bottomless mimosas because realistically on a Sunday that’s just not what we need to be doing BUT I am saying put together a killer outfit, go out with girlfriend’s and enjoy the weather.  Order some great food, have a mimosas or 3 and see what your girls have been up to.

  •  Mani and Pedi Time

Sometimes self care is taking a moment out of your day even if it’s only an hour and dedicating it to not being around anyone you know, relaxing and doing something that makes you feel great!  or me that can be getting a manicure and pedicure, just relaxing, and allowing yourself to be pampered.

  • Take a Visit to our Local Farmer’s Market 

Sometimes when I’m in a funk or Just need a little pick me up before heading backing the the office for a week of work I enjoy heading to the Orlando Lake Eola Farmer’s Market with my husband.  I’m not exactly buying produce but I enjoy just being out and about, in the heat of Downtown trying local staples of things, purchasing gorgeous flowers and eating from all the food trucks.  It’s all just so good or the soul!

  • Give Yourself an At Home Facial

Sometimes all you need on a Sunday afternoon to take care of yourself is a moment to take care of your skin.  I love dedicating my Sunday afternoons or evenings to masking!  Find some products your skin is really loving and do the damn thing!  From cleansing to exfoliating, a little at one hair removal and a nice mask!  Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while you indulge in that Charcoal Peel Mask!

  • Me Time! 

One of the best things you can do on a Sunday for some self care is to give yourself some me time! Run a bubble bath or sit on our patio and get lost in your new book.  Give yourself time away from others and away from the hectic-ness of your phone.  Just disconnect from everything in enjoy your own company!

I want to know how you practice Self Care on a Sunday!

xoxo DM