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Hey Curlfriends!  Those of you who have been following me for a few years (back on Instagram) know that I’ve gone back and forth with my natural hair!  I shaved my head almost 7 years ago grew it to quite the fro then cut and relaxed and repeated probably 3 or 4 times since then.  I’m just over a year into my latest natural hair journey and I’m finding that not only has my texture changed but the products that work for my hair have changed too.  In this journey of trying to have the volume I want with the definition I love, there’s a lot of trial and error with products! I’m a firm believer in when I find a product that works I hold onto it, until of course my hair gets use to it and it’s time to find something new! Right now that something new is Curly Chic Hair Care

I’ve always known my hair loves a good gel based products which is why for my finger coils and even my finger shingles I always used EcoStyler Gel however with the controversy surrounding EcoStyler Gel and me just not loving the crunch gel based products leave on my hair I’ve made it my mission to find a crème product that gives me that definition I love! All curly girls love a product that hydrates the hair, penetrates the strand leaving total moisture and is easy to style with and I think with this Curly Chic Your Curls Defined Curling Crème I’ve found just that!

This product gives my hair plenty of slip when applying and allows me to really brush the hair without feeling like I’m damaging it.  I’m dying to try a finger coil with the curling crème because it’s a lightweight crème that gets the job down without a ton of manipulation! Nothing is better then doing your hair and being able to touch it hours later and not feel grease or even have that heavy, crunchy feeling.


Lately my Wash N’ Go hair routine consist of totally wet hair!  I mean I literally am head under sink making sure every strand is completely soaked and I like to do my hair while my head is upside down as well! (at least in the beginning) I will then put a leave in, in my hair and I don’t use a dime size, I use about 4 dime sizes of the Aussie conditioner (I use it as a leave in) my hair loves it! I will detangle with a wide tooth comb then add the Curly Chic product; starting at the back (while my head is still flipped over) then moving to the front and the sides.  I will then part my hair down the middle and add the product; when I feel it’s evenly distributed I will go section by section with my Denman Brush and shake, shake, shake!  I’m not one for heat on the hair so I tie my edges down after applying some edge control and let my curls air dry!


From the Website

Firm Hold Curling Creme

Your Curls Defined Curling Creme is a unique styling aid that defines, controls and moisturizes curls with minimal flaking and shrinkage. Get amazing results when used for coiling, twists and freestyles.

Sulfate and Paraben Free. No Petrolatum or Mineral Oil


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