Wedding Wednesday; I Said YES to the Dress!

So if you follow me on Instagram then you know I said Yes to the Dress this past Saturday! The feeling you get when you step into “the dress” is one I truly can’t begin to describe.  When people say “you’ll know when you know” they’re so right!  A week prior I went to a bridal appointment and saw absolutely nothing that I loved, however I did gauge what styles I loved.  I’d love to share the dress with you all but that obviously won’t happen ( not until after the big day!) But I will totally tell you guys all about the special moment and share photos of some of the dresses that didn’t make the cut! My perfect dress was purchased at The Bridal Gallery of Orlando with the lovely Larai! What an experience, from walking into the beautifully decorated and lit showroom to Larai ( who was beyond amazing) everything was absolutely perfect! She listened to everything I wanted, paid attention and even pushed me to try some things that I maybe wouldn’t have on my own.  Of all the appointments I had looking for my special dress, the Bridal Gallery of Orlando was definitely my personal favorite! ( And not just because we popped champagne!)  I’m going to share some of the things I learned during this process so I can help make yours a little smoother!

Ladies, if you’re searching for your special dress I can’t stress enough that in the beginning you need to try different styles!  From the ball gown that you may think you love ( I thought I loved it, after a few that I was obsessed with I realized I did not) to the sheath dress that may be perfect for you and everything in between.  Locking down a silhouette is a major step in finding your wedding dress!  Once you know what you love on your body then you can move on to other aspects of your dress!

So you know what silhouette you want?! Now move on to the dress itself.  Do you like lace? Or are you more of a sequin girl?  How about tulle and/or ruffles?  SO many questions but I promise you’ll want to look around and think of these things before your appointments otherwise all the dresses coming your way can be a bit overwhelming.  When I walked into The Bridal Gallery I knew 2 things: The silhouettes I liked and that I loved Mori Lee the Designer (who was actually having a Trunk Show that day).  When thinking of the body of your dress I’d also say to keep in mind your venue and the time of year of your wedding.  I tried on a dress that screamed Winter Wonderland to me, it was gorgeous but I’m getting married in June.  It just didn’t make sense to me. How about color?  I know you’re probably thinking color? But I recently learned there are about 5 different shades of white.  From White (which apparently most ladies actually don’t get) to Ivory which looked white to me to Champagne and even Blush, the color scheme is crazy and ladies, just keep in mind the ivory dress you fell in love with may look completely different in white so ask if they can bring in a slip for you to see the color difference. SO much goes into prepping for your big wedding dress shopping day!  Do your research, be prepared and KEEP AN OPEN MIND!

One thing I will say that is so important is bring that right people with you!  Remember too many people can quickly become too many opinions.  To my first appointment I brought my parents, (yes brides to be I brought my father with me) I’m a huge daddy’s girl( with every dress I would look directly at him first) my little sister who is one of my bridesmaids and my mother in law to be.  To my last 2 appointments my mother and father came as well as my little sister.  As fun as it would’ve been to have a bunch of girlfriends there it just wasn’t a priority to me.  I found that the people that were in my group were people who really loved me and wanted me to look my absolute best ( not that my friends would’ve been any different) I’d say a group of 3 or 4 is really as large as you need to go! It’s fun and you can get a nice variety of opinions.

Now let’s get into some photos!


None of these of course are my dress but see anything you like?



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8 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday; I Said YES to the Dress!

  1. Great article and very insightful. It was a great experience being with you dress shopping and your big day will be here before you know it. Love you

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      1. Tell me about it, I’ve done it three times. Enjoy being a Bride. Take it all in. One thing I suggest is look into the consignment gowns. They’re only worn once in most cases. Trust me when I say you’ll still feel special, because it will be customized to fit you. Not to mention the money you saved. once you wear it, you will not want to be seen in it again. I took silly 1 year anniversary photos in mine, just to give it one more whirl.


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