Why Every Woman Needs a Louis Vuitton Speedy

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Okay ladies, in my opinion when you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase your first designer handbag a lot of thought should be put into it.  Although I’ve had what some people may consider “designer” handbags I believe my first real designer handbag purchase was my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 that I purchased just over 2 years ago and I truly believe that when looking into what bags would suit you, the louis Vuitton Speedy should be on every girl’s wish list and I’m going to give you 5 reasons why!

  1. The Bag is Classic

The Louis Vuitton Speedy was one of the first bags released in the 1930’s by Louis Vuitton.  Even though the Speedy bag was released in the 1930’s, it’s arguable that it didn’t really become the coveted and timeless bag it is today until Audrey Hepburn was seen with one in the 1960’s.  I mean let’s be honest everyone knows that Audrey made this bag truly famous!  Fun fact the Speedy 25 was a custom size made for Ms. Hepburn and it was so loved that it stayed.  Some people will say the Speedy is a played out bag however this bag is truly a classic that will always hold it’s value.

  1. The Louis Vuitton Speedy is the Perfect everyday Bag

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is a bag that is casual yet still chic.  Made in a variety of ways (not just the monogram and damier that everyone initially thinks of) this bag is perfect for any outfit.  Whether you’re planning wearing a sundress and sandals or that one rocker tee, denim cut offs and converse – you can rock your speedy – it’s perfect with any outfit and is perfect for any day.

  1. Carry On Bag?

I own a Speedy 35 and although I have heard that once you hit the 35 size you’re “technically” in luggage ( I don’t know how true that is, I know 40 is luggage for sure)  The Speedy is the perfect travel bag. Whether you’re carrying a Speedy 25 and just need your essentials – passport, lip balm, wallet, etc or you’re like me and carrying a 35 with everything you could possibly need – wallet, headphones, phones chargers, sheet mask, notebook etc you’re going to be golden for your plane ride.  I’d even say it’s a great road trip bag too!  My Speedy holds everything I could ever need and I still somehow have space available.  Another reason the Louis Vuitton speedy is perfect for travel is the Canvas Material – unless you buy the bag in a vernis or epi leather, the traditional Speedy is made in the Canvas – either Monogram, Damier Ebene or Damier Azur and they are indestructible! Perfect bags for in the rain (no need for handbag rain coat) and because they’re not structured you don’t have to worry about overstuffing or the bag getting “smushed” and losing it’s shape.

  1. It’s a Relatively Affordable Bag

Ok don’t shoot me, I’m not telling everyone to go buy a Speedy and spend over $1500 because it’s affordable.  However when looking at the pricing of other designer handbags they are a less expensive alternative to a $10,000 Birkin or a $5,000 Fendi Peek a Boo etc.  I personally purchased my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in absolute perfect condition with the dust bag and lock and key from a seller on Tradesy, a secondhand website.  I only paid $600 for my bag (keep in mind that was 2 years ago) – I would say Speedys are a bag that are in my opinion quite easy to purchase on the second hand market and will be easier on the wallet then purchasing a speedy from your LV Boutique.

  1. Speedys Will Hold Their Value

The Louis Vuitton Speedy will always be a classic bag and will always hold it’s value.  Much like everything in life there will always be people that don’t like this bag however it will always be one of those brand classics.  There will always be someone who wants to buy the Louis Vuitton Speedy – especially more so as they become “vintage”.  You can spend, let’s say $700 on the secondhand market now for a Speedy and in 5 years resell (depending on the condition you’ve kept your bag in) for the same price if not pretty close.  Resell value is always something to think of when purchasing a bag because every designer handbag you decide to buy is truly an investment. A lot of people buy handbags according to trends that are happening in the now – the Speedy is a bag that isn’t on trend now because as I stated earlier it is a classic

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