Wedding Wednesday: Planning Has Come to a Complete Stop (well not complete)

Good Morning Ladies and Gents!


You’ve probably noticed I haven’t done a Wedding Wednesday post in about 2 or 3 weeks and that’s honestly because I just haven’t felt like planning anything!  Jeff and I have decided we are going to get married May or June of 2019 and with that, we’ve decided to put a halt on planning until about March of 2018. Realistically I very well could start now, and that’s why I have begun, as mention being very much into Pinterest.  It gives me the ability to plan on the looks and colors etc that I want while still being able to push off major planning events like venue sites and coordinator interviews!

If you’re interested in my very minor wedding planning then head over to my Pinterest and see the board I have created! I look forward to jumping into major planning and bringing you guys with me!!