Jewels and Gems for the Twenty Something Girl on a Budget

I’ve always been a jewelry girl, especially when it comes to rings! I’m all about fun designs, bright colors, white gold, rose gold and lots of sparkles!  Lately I’ve become even more into the trend of stacking and statement pieces!

Following both Stephanie Gottlieb on instagram and RubyStella will definitely make a girl rethink her jewelry stacks but if you’re a twenty something girl like me you’re on a budget and a Stephanie Gottlieb/RubyStella stack is definitely not in it! Below are some stacks from both designers, and I’m going to send you to some etsy shops so you too can have the hottest and most eye catching finger stacks to fit your budget!

Stephanie Gottlieb





Now that I’ve given you girls some visuals you can see what my obsession is! Jeff likes it but does say its certainly a stack and can be clutter when the pieces aren’t cohesive and blended.

Below you’ll find the links to a few Easy shops that make amazing jewelry and very delicate and statement stackable rings!

Are you girls into the stacked trend?! Leave a comment and let me know!




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