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Another Day, Another Dress

little pink dress

Having worked in a Radio Station I was very much use to walking into the office with my skinny jeans, a T – shirt and sometimes even a hoodie on the off days ( such a fun job but horrible for the more stylish me ).  Having transitioned into a more corporate role within the Sales Office of a hotel here in Orlando my work wardrobe has dramatically changed.

To all my Twenty Something Girls out there working your way to the top of your career don’t let anyone tell you that you have to wear a suit into the office ( I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Miranda from SATC suit ) now if Carrie Bradshaw designed a suit I’m sure I’d wear that!  But honestly though there is definitely a way to look professional, be stylish and still have fun with what you wear into your office!

Tell me what you like to wear into your office!


6 comments on “Another Day, Another Dress

  1. So pretty! And it kind of looks like you have a halo over your head 🙂


  2. quinncove

    Love!! ❤️


  3. anastasiagregory

    Love that dress! The ruffle is so cute


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