A Weeks Worth of Office Attire for the Fashionable Twenty Something Girl


Ok, I know , I know I’ve been so MIA it’s kind of insane but guys!  Between working, and maintaining my relationship ( and our anniversary trip to Miami including the Rolling Loud Fest ) my mind has been in other places! But…. I’m Back!!

So this post is all about the most fun and fashionable office attire, it’s a Weeks Worth of Office Attire for the Fashionable Twenty Something Girl.  Lately when it comes to career I’ve been wanting a more put together yet super fun and fashionable look  Being the youngest by almost 10 years of all the women in my office and being a blogger who likes to have fun with my look I definitely notice a difference in what I wear versus what most others are wearing and I’m here to tell all the women in my position that that’s totally ok! I will also say sometimes you need to pull it in!  Maybe a blazer instead of sweater but a mule is sometimes more fun than a pump! It’s al about the balance of pieces, colors and trends.  I mean I’m working in a hotel office not the Cosmo Magazine office ( although that would be a total dream come true )

I decided to put together a full work weeks worth of outfits that are totally fun yet super professional! From color blocking to ruffles, pants, skirts and more, You ave a full Monday through Friday guide!


Mondays are all about the perfect start to the week! A Monday well dressed brings a week with no stress! (i totally just made that up)

Springtime Color Blocking


For Tuesday I opted for lighter colors to contract the bright color blocking of Monday! The mixture of yellows and pinks for me is super dainty and definitely girly! I like the idea of mixing bottoms day to day, so if I’m going to wear pants in the office one day I like to bring in a skirt the next.

yellow and pink


On Wednesdays we were pink! Enough said! I love a scalloped top and a red pump.  I feel for Hump Day it’s time to celebrate that the weekend is almost near!

Office Looks 2


For Thursday I brought the vibes back to Monday – I mean literally, the colors are the same just mixed around!  I opted for a pant and a very dramatic ruffle with of course a statement earring!

Blue and Yellow


In my office we don’t necessarily have a casual Friday but I had to throw a T Shirt in there somewhere!  I mean this outfit would be absolutely appropriate for my office with a blazer.  Typically Friday’s I’m not taking appointments I’m more so tying ends up before the weekend and this is such a fun look!

fringe fun

How are you ladies feeling about my work week looks!  Anything you’d wear I’d love to know.


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