Night Time Skin Routine with True Formulation

Growing up I was never one to suffer from acne, generally I’d say I had and still have pretty good skin.  However when I started to wear make up my mother began to stress to me the importance of really cleansing my face both day and night!   Because of the different needs for skin care- a daytime routine and a nighttime routine I use different products and different brands.

In this post I will be telling you about two new and favorite products in my night time routine because although your morning routine preps your skin for the day, your nighttime routine is the one that cleanses away all the days make up and dirt and works over night!

true form

Recently I received a few products from True Formulation and they quickly became favorites that were worked into my night time skin routine!

The Rose Elixir Facial Toner is step 2 in my end of day process.  The Rose Elixir is a freshly made to order toner consisting of freshly brewed rose water and aloe vera.  The combination balances and refreshes the skin. After my cleanse I make sure to spray every inch of my face with my Rose Elixir Toner! I work the toner into every nook and cranny of my face and let it dry thoroughly.

The third step in my routine is my moisturizer, another True Formulation product of course! To moisturize my face and to maximize hydration over night I use the Honey and Rose Silk Cream – another product made fresh upon order. The thick Rose and Honey Silk Cream is made to deeply hydrate the skin and is perfect for an overnight treatment.  This product has such a soothing smell and goes onto the skin so smoothly,  I find it perfect for through the night moisture as I sleep with the fan and the AC on and it gets pretty cold which for me equates to dry skin!

One thing that I truly love about the True Formulation skincare brand is that everything is made fresh upon order always! And because this is so, everything comes stamped with a use by date!  Granted every product has the little symbol telling you how many months the product is good for but I find the use by date so much better!

What are some products in your night time routine that you swear by?


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