My Top Spring 2017 Trends

My Top Spring 2017 Trends


Spring is one of my favorite seasons! The fashion is one that is to die for, and I’m talking way more than florals! I have pictured and linked above my Top Spring Trends of 2017! Now I’m sure many people will give you so many different trends they are gravitating towards but for me these are definitely the top trends hitting the streets this Spring!
1. Bombers
Bomber Jackets are so in this Spring!  So many designers are making bombers in such a variety of colors and patterns, from florals to very intricate designs the Bomber jacket is one that is definitely here to stay!
2. Wedges
In my opinion the wedge is a very Spring/Summer show and I know some of you are thinking well duh! But remember I live in Florida it’s almost always Spring/Summer here!  It’s a shoe that is only appropriate for a few months out of the year andSpring is definitely that time!  From he espadrille and cork wedge to the embroidered and even leather, this years many designs are taking Spring by storm!
3. Off the Shoulder
Obsessed! I can’t stop gushing about how absolutely obsessed I am over the latest trend to hit the streets and even my instagram feed! Off the Shoulder shirts and dressed are everywhere in all the cutest patterns, colors and cuts and I am completely here for it!
4. The Slip Ons
Now though I’m probably giving to much credit here I give almost all credit for the popularity of the slip on loafer to Gucci, they have come out of the woodworks wth so many designs and colors anreven embellishments! It wasn’t until after I started to notice Gucci’s loafer that i began seeing there brands produce their own version of the shoe and trust me when  say everyone has been buying them! I dub this one of the go to shoes for Spring fashion.
5. Edgy Handbags
Spring isn’t all about wearing florals! Sometimes it’s just about the right look or color whether that color for you is al black or pastel pink an edgy handbag is going to take that look over the edge and lately so many designers of have been designing edgier pieces! This spring i all about the embellishments and the color.
6. Stripes
One trend I’ve seen on quite a few runways lately that I know will be major this Spring is stripes, whether they’re nautical or pinstripe there’s so many ways to wear stripes especially in the fun weather Spring brings.
7.Highwaist Bottoms
Who doesn’t love a highways jean no matter the season?!  Spring brings you the option of taking the highways trend and wearing it in such a variety of ways starting with shorts and skirts!  I high waist skirt graphic T look is one perfect for this Spring Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market.
8. Graphic Denim
Ok girls, don’t act like you don’t wear denim jackets, whether they’re oversized or the perfect every girl has a denim jacket!  This Spring you’ll see everywhere the graphic denim jacket!  Now it’s not just about the wording on the back but the patchwork and the embellishments are major!
9. Ruffles
Don’t you dare tell me you don’t think of the perfect ruffle dress when you think of Spring!  Ruffles have been around for centuries and trust me they’re not going anywhere the Spring.  From ruffles on dressed to ruffles on tops, sleeve and even your favorite bottoms, they will be every where in just a month or so!
What are some trends you’re looking forward to wearing this Spring?

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4 thoughts on “My Top Spring 2017 Trends

  1. I love the off shoulder tops as well, but sadly I have huge and masculine shoulders, so I can never pull them off, but it’s nice to see others wearing!


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