Floral Maxi’s for Valentine’s Day


I’m not really one to celebrate holidays like Valentine’s Day, I mean don’t get me wrong I love a good gift and I’m always down for a dinner but really? I mean Jeff and I get each other gifts for no reason and we enjoy good dinner out but I’m not going to buy a pink ruffle dress just to go out to dinner the same way I’m not going to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m all about a good outfit thought and not being so cliche with it either.  With this Valentine’s Day look I  wanted to keep the look sexy but still in an understated way. I opted for a maxi dress with long sleeves, the slit in the dress mixed with the deep V neck line is very night out worthy! The vibe this dress gives is conservative AND sexy and I must say pairing it with a black block heel allows the floral pattern on the dress to really pop and not be overshadowed by the shoes.


I’ve always been a big fan of maxi dressed because they allow for lottos movement and they’re fun.  This looks perfect for a dinner because it has the playfulness of a day time dress with the sexiness and color scheme of a night out look!

If you’re loving my Valentine’s Day look leave a comment and tell me why!