My Newest Obsession; The Owl with the Goblet

There’s not many things I enjoy more than eating but one thing I do thoroughly enjoy is cooking! Maybe not more than eating but I really do enjoy it, especially cooking new recipes.  Recently I came across my newest obsession; food and lifestyle blog The Owl with the Goblet by blogger Heather who just happens to work for the same company as me!

After she came for a visit at my hotel there was some conversation we learned that we were both bloggers and you all know when you meet a fellow blogger you follow their blog! Especially when the content is killer.

I’ve been following her blog for awhile now and I must say her recipes are amazing! Visit her page at and if you can’t wait then just scroll down to see some snapshots of a few of her plates! They will leave your mouth watering and lead you straight to the grocery store.


Head over to Heather’s blog and follow!


Author: Danielle Mone'

27 years old Orlando based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

3 thoughts

  1. I am blushing, Danielle! Incredibly humbled by your post. So thrilled we were able to meet. Next time I am in Orlando, we should grab lunch together 🙂 Your blog is lovely and you are simply stunning!


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