The Twenty Something Girls Guide to Living Life Series ; Go To Places You Usually Wouldn’t

All my twenty something girls out there, there is one major rule to live by! Go to places you usually wouldn’t. I’m not talking about small places like Barnies when you usually get Starbucks; I’m actually not talking about just physical places.

Don’t put limitations on yourselves girls! Step outside of your box and you all know exactly what I’m talking about.  Think of that photo of the circle labeled your comfort zone, and the dot WAY outside that circle labeled greatness! You must allow yourself to grow and become comfortable in doing things you usually would do and that means allowing your mind to go places it usually wouldn’t.

Now yes you can definitely try that new sushi place downtown! That does count as going somewhere you usually wouldn’t – I understand changes must happen in baby steps!

I recently had to take the step in the Twenty Something Girls’ Guide to Living Life of going places I usually wouldn’t.  I had to allow my mind to go to the place of budgeting.  Some of you are probably laughing but I am TOTALLY serious! Never been one to budget, but now I’m allowing myself to go places I wouldn’t usually go!

What are you going to allow yourself to do?