The Twenty Something Girls Guide to Living Life; Travel As Much as You Can

Travel As Much As You Can

One major key to a happy life and a fulfilled one is to travel. Whether you’re going across the country; or world, or 2 hours done the highway, traveling and going new place is something every twenty something girl should do!

When I 8 I was in a wedding, and that wedding just happened to be in Jamaica. Now I understand that I wasn’t a twenty something girl just yet but that was the trip that started it all! Then there was this one trip to the Caribbean and for this trip I was that girl in her twenties! Traveling is the greatest time to try new things and that’s exactly what I did. From parasailing (I’m slightly afraid of heights, and the ocean) to eating sea creatures I’d never heard of. I mean seriously what is a conch and I learned people really love it!

What I’m really trying to say is as a twenty something girl you need to open yourself up to new opportunities, learn new things and just have fun! Why not do that in a place you’ve never been for a week or even just a weekend. Drive down to Miami for the weekend and lounge around at the W or get a group of your closest girlfriends and take a trip to Dubai. New cultures are always exciting and what better way to meet new people and make new friends!


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