Brittany Hampton to the Rescue

Sometime’s when I’m not to sure what I’d like to wear for the day I do what most young women my age do! Get on my phone and scroll through the instagram pages of some of my favorite Celebrities, Bloggers and Fashionistas.  Remember you may not have the exact pieces but the inspiration is everything, after all it was House of DVF Season 1 winner Brittany Hampton that inspired me to pair Nike sneakers with my black mini skirt!

This post is dedicated to her and her amazing sense of style. From the first episode I was drawn to Brittany’s kick ass attitude, her drive and of course her ability to pair pieces together so effortlessly and make it work! From the funky patterns she’ll mix to the bold and bright colors she’ll pair with sneakers, she’s always killing it.  Below I’ve posted some of my favorite looks of Brittany’s and looks that you can use as inspiration to easily put your own looks together.

Now you all can see just why she is such a fashion inspiration


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