Boho Brooklyn by Samantha Brahimi

It’s a great feeling speaking with old friends but it’s even greater when they’re doing great things.  Recently I spoke with my friend Samantha whom I haven’t seen in year and when I say years I mean since I lived back in New York.

Samantha started her own jewelry line Boho Brooklyn and not only do I have some information abutter line for you guys but I have pictures too!

boho brooklyn 8

Straight from Samantha’s lips

My collections are a mix between edgy, bohemian, sophisticated and trendy.My style is very broad because theres always something for someone no matter the age group or their individual style.

I am currently featured in 3 stores in San Diego,CA., and will be launching my site the first week of December.  My collections are inspired by the clientele that shop in the stores.  Tre Boutique, located in Encinitas, CA and Del Mar, CA are two of the boutiques I sell to, each store having the same concept but also differ from each other.  In Del Mar, my collection would be consider boho and sophisticated by using neutral colored beads, pearls, crystals and chunky layered bracelets.  In Encinitas, I would do almost the same but adding a little more of an edgy look and definitely more bohemian by gaging the clients and what they purchase.  In the salon I sell to located on the famous ‘Cedros Ave’ in Solana Beach, Charmed on Cedros; the owner lets me have free range to be creative.  For this particular salon I use a lot of suede, leather, turquoise and really colorful precious beads and stones.

In a whole, my collections are different by collection but come together with meaning.  Each tag on the piece of jewelry will explain which stones were used and the healing or meaning of each stone.  I find that important, not only as a selling point but believing in what these stones really mean and do, crystal healing if you will.

When asked what inspires her she answered; 

I’m inspired the stones and beads itself, the look, feel and meaning of them. I am also very inspired by other local designers.  I think jewelry making is a form of art, each piece is unique, handmade and I find that beautiful..

Samantha says it’s important to shop local and I couldn’t agree more!

I’m hoping for my jewelry line too not only succeed but to eventually make a difference.  My plans for the future are to be featured in more local boutiques and my site to be successful enough so I can have a percentage of my proceeds go to foundations such as Wounded Warriors, Homeless Veteran organizations or start my own organization in helping the Military which is so important to me, being a Marine wife myself.

Starting the beginning of December of 2015, you can shop my site on

If your in the San Diego area, you can visit Tre Boutique, and Charmed on Cedros.

Again be sure to check out Boho Brooklyn starting the beginning of December of 2015, at and If your in the San Diego area, you can visit Tre Boutique, and Charmed on Cedros.

Thanks for sharing Samantha Brahimi


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