7 Ways to Live a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Those who know me know that I am ALL ABOUT living a healthy life and being happy.  Now when I say healthy I’m not saying drink tons of water and make daily trips to the gym, I’m talking about healthy mind,body,soul.  Below are 7 tips I believe will lead you into living a happy and healthy life

1.Make peace with your past so it doesn’t disrupt your present.

All too often people will have lingering bitterness from a past situation that whether you realize or not will hinder or cause problems in your present situations.  Make peace with things to free yourself from anger and bitterness.

2. What others think of you is none of your business.

If you allow yourself to get caught up in what others think of you, you will certainly find yourself down more often than not.  Love yourself and then you’ll see what others think won’t matter!

3. Never give someone the power to affect your happiness.

When you allow yourself to once again get caught up in not only what others think but in pleasing others before pleasing yourself you’ll find you’re making yourself sick.  You hold the power for everything in your life!

4. When you look good you feel good!

This statement has never been more true! I have found personally that even on days where I feel sick or I’m dragging and lagging if I take the extra time to do my make up and put a little extra thought into my outfit that I will feel good because I look good. Just trust me on this one!

5. Experience new things as often as possible.

Living a routine life is boring and will make you sick! Try new foods, meet new people and go to new places.  You learn so much about yourself as a person when you allow yourself to experience new things!

6. Have me time!

Listen we all love being around our friends but nothing is better than spending some time by yourself.  Fall into meditation, have a glass of wine, or take a bubble bath and read a book.  Its unhealthy to feel the need to constantly be around people and remember no ones going to want to be around you if you don’t want to be around you.


7. NEVER compare your behind the scenes footage to someone else’s highlight reel

What do I mean by this? You see your struggles on a daily basis but others don’t advertise their hard times.  You never know the struggle someone faces when no one’s watching so don’t compare where you are to where they are.

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be happy and healthy!

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HEY LOVES – I’M DANIELLE or DANIE – THE LIFE LOVING GIRL BEHIND XOXODANIELLEMONE! I’m currently 28 years old and I live in Orlando, FL with my husband Jeff + our fur baby Bleu (like the cheese), a Blue Nose Pitbull who you can follow on Instagram at @greeneyedbleu. I share our life together and my style here on XOXODanielleMone and on Instagram. I definitely love the colors pink, orange and yellow and all things style but I also love: a great cocktail, home decor, fresh flowers, and spending time with my family (hey mom!).

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