5 Design Tips from Roxy Sowlaty via How You Glow

Anyone who knows me knows I am all about FUNG SHEI, seriously I am always rearranging furniture, lighting a new candle, changing my color scheme and adding new elements into my bedroom.  It’s the place I spend the most time; my bedroom is my sanctuary and ladies, your sanctuary should always be a positive place!

Interior Designer Roxy Sowlaty has shared her 5 Design Tips on her sisters How You Glow blog ( check out the blog it’s great!) and I thought what great tips to share with the readers of XOXO, I mean seeing as how this is something I’m constantly doing it totally works and those who have watched the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills know that Roxy is no stranger when it comes to designing a room! So let’s get into her tips!

1. Color Scheme

Roxy explains that picking a color palate of up to 3 colors is the key! Use this colors throughout your room in your accents; pillows. throw blankets, and artwork.  Roxy explains that sticking to 3 colors helps bring cohesion to your place.

2. Symmetry

Adding elements of symmetry to your place will make a huge difference.  As Roxy showed us in her home tour on youtube she has a couch and symmetric chairs on each side giving a clean and classic look.  She says its soothing to the eye and creates balance in the space.

3. Good Scents

This one is simple; always have you spas smelling good!

4. Bigger is Better

Roxy says to always go with bigger furniture.  The Bigger the better.  Bigger furniture makes your room appear bigger.

5. The Perfect Rug

Your rug has to be cohesive within your space which is why this ties into your color scheme.  The rug is usually the biggest piece in the room and can define the diction of your room

These 5 Design Tips from Roxy Sowlaty all have your space looking as perfect a hers and to prove that I am going to post photos from her apartment!  As an interior designer she knows what works and by listening to her tips and looking at photos of her space, you’ll know what works too!

roxy chairs





  • *I do not own these photos*

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