The Talent & The Muse

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Those who know me know RARELY am I left speechless, even when it comes to the talent of others.  I can always find the words to express what I’m feeling BUT there is one who’s talent leaves me at a loss for words. And knowing that someone out there saw me as inspiration enough to use their talents to “recreate” me definitely blows my mind!

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A few years ago I met a girl named Jeanine (@rosesxguns) and we became fast friends!

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She lived in Tampa and I soon found out she was an artist, and not the yeah I draw when I’m bored artist but the I go to school for this, and put all my money into this type of artist.  This girl is SERIOUSLY TALENTED!

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From following her on instagram and face-timing I’d seen the kind of talent she had and it left me completely speechless.  Even now a few years later, as she posts her art on instagram I’m left in awe at the raw talent she possesses.  One time in the 10 minutes we were on FaceTime she drew Tupac (and was mad at how much it didn’t look like him) I was confused because the drawing was perfectly executed to me.

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Jeanine tells me she (now 21) still has paintings that she had done when she was around 5 or 6 however never really took art seriously until she was in college. I guess it’s one thing to be naturally good at something but it’s not until you really learn about it; the technique and the greats that you really start to love it.  She says the artists that really inspire her are Henry Matisse, Basquiat, Van Gogh and Due Champ and I can see why.

Having actually seen Jeanine in artist mode with paint all over her hands and face and the super focused look in her eyes it’s extremely easy to tell she loves what she does.  She’s one of those people who exudes passion when they’re in their element.  She tells me that mostly painting/collage is her favorite the of art to do but as you all saw from the 10 minute Tupac sketch she can pretty much do it all and I mean that when I say it! (she even custom paints sneakers for people)

Below are two of my favorite pieces (other than the one of me of course) and I must say when I finally get my place my walls be covered in Jeanine Art!

“Dreams Money Can’t Buy”

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“Bitch Better Have My Money”

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Be sure to follow her on Instagram @rosesxguns and remember most if not all art is able to be purchased!!

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