Get Her Look; Kiernan Shipka

Now you do not have to be an “adult” to be fashionable and 15 year old Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men definitely taught me that in a Cosmopolitan youtube video years ago when we toured her closet! From a dress she mad herself, to the Chanel booties and the Chloe cape I knew she was going to be a fashionista to watch!

Google her name and the picture below is definitely going to pop up.


No matter the season or the weather this look is always perfect.  In the Summer you can wear it as is or trade the sweater out for a tank and denim jacket and in the Winter you can add a pair of tights and throw on a leather moto jacket! Now the look does say I’m cute, I’m fashionable and I’m 15 so when I recreated t of course I had to change it up a little bit!

Get Her Look; Kiernan Shipka
I kept the basis of the look with the semi-high waisted floral mini skirt in of course bright colors with a black top.  In my recreation I opted for a long sleeve cropped very fitted top and gave the booties a heel.  Paired with a red lip, some bold sunnies a bright and edgy bag and of course some arm candy and we have the loved Kiernan Shipka look for the 20-something year old fashion girl.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.37.16 AM