Top 5 2015 Summer Trends

It’s no secret every season has their trends, whether it’s fur (or faux fur) in Winter, Browns and Oranges in Fall, floral in Spring or the brighter colors in Summer.  Many fashionistas are eagerly flipping through the pages of Elle,Vogue, InStyle and more to be up to date and top trends of the season! Well ladies if you can’t get the magazine quick enough I am your one stop shop for the top 5 trends this Summer!

1. Patterned Shorts

Are you legs your best asset? Do you like having that one piece that catches everyone’s eye so effortlessly? One of the top 5 trends this Summer is definitely the patterned shorts.  Whether they’re the boyfriend fit or silky and flowing, pair them with a relaxed and solid shirt or a bold color or pattern for a funkier and you’re left with a look you can get away with both day and night! Solange has got this look down!

solange-knowles-african-fashion-2 solange-peach-short-suit-h724

2. Flat Sandals

Let’s be real with ourselves for just a minute. Yes we love our heels and yes we love our sneakers too and ok ok! we can not forget about then alley flats so chic and so fun BUT there’s nothing like a funky and fun sandal.  Whether there’s plastic features, studs, feathers or whatever else the flat sandal is pure  perfection for your summer shopping list! Who has perfected the summer sandal? Well Steve Madden for one, Cecelia New York with their Avery Sandal and Sam Edelman with their Dorsy Sandal. (both pictured below)

AVERY_NUDE_1_1024x1024 d4f159dce8752361d43dd57e2b81e163


3.Bright Purses

We love bright colors for Summer! Whether you have bright nails and toes or a bright lipstick, nothing compares to the pop of color a bright purse adds to an outfit.  The great thing about a bright and colorful purse with your outfit is that in Summer, the color of your purse doesn’t have to be an actual color in your outfit! You can wear a yellow maxi skirt with a white crop top and easily get away with a fuchsia cross body! Guess who has great bright bags? Well I have some for everyones price point! Hello Mr. Michael Kors and Hello Celine!

article-0-19AED0E7000005DC-313_634x854 Zoe-Saldana-Michael-Kors-Miranda-Bag

4. Barely There Funky Swimsuits

Now I know I’m one to always say less is more and if you want to showcase an asset hide another BUT when it comes to swimsuits you’re showing it all anyway! With all these knew designers and the rand of thing bikinis to the super sexy yet still covered one piece the barely there and the fun and funky swimsuits.  With a sex icon like Draya Michele having started Mint Swim and everyone’s favorite singer Rihanna showing off her body in a barely there Mikohswimwear bikini of course they made it to the top 5 list!

10483514_325680980916919_825529243_n ms1 rihanna_barbados_white_bikini this one

5. Maxi Dresses and Skirts

You couldn’t possibly think I was going to leave to the maxi dresses and maxi skirts! I guess technically they’re two separate things but w were put them together as Maxis.For those days when you don’t want to put the much afford AND those days you feel like putting together the perfect look a maxi dress and skirt works perfectly! Why and How? you might ask, because you can put all the thought into the accessories and really kill the look or you can keep it simple and effortless. Sold colors, crazy patterns tight and fitted or loose and flowing Maxi is definitely the way to go for Summer.  Looking at boho chic celebs like Nicole Richie who has her own line through House of Harlow shoes us you can pull off a Maxi dress for any time of day!


What are you all thinking of these Summertime Trends? Tell me in the coments

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