Misty Copeland; A Role Model for Girls EVERYWHERE


“I think its great to have something that seems so pure to me…I think its important to have something like that in this crazy world”

— Misty Copeland on ballet

I’m almost positive everyone knows who Misty operand is and if you don’t then after this week you do!  Misty is a ballet dance with the American Ballet Company and has been promoted to Principle Dancer, the first African American dancer in 75 years!

In her younger days Misty was told no! that she couldn’t be a ballet dancer because she did not have the body for it and she was to old to get started.  She is the perfect example of not letting no deter you from what you want and with enough are work and dedication you can achieve any goal!


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2 thoughts on “Misty Copeland; A Role Model for Girls EVERYWHERE

  1. every interview I see her in , her spirit shines through, she has an inspirational presence, if that make any since…? lol. any who two thumbs up from me, love her.


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