Thursday’s Polyvore Play; 4.2.2015 Vyce Nights

Miami vyce
Sometimes You Need To Keep it Classic
Sometimes when you’re going out for a night downtown with the girls you need to keep it simple and classic.  Sexy can sometimes be overdone.  Remember take one asset and run with.  If you’re going to show off the legs by wearing a short dress, cover up your chest but in this case I’m showing some cleavage and covering up the legs. Lately we’ve noticed more and more the trend of the fitted midi dress, Let’s be honest with ourselves…. dressing like a street walking slut in a tight mini skirt and crop top has gone out of style, well I don’t know if it was ever truly in style to begin with. Remember keep it classic and simple and you’ll exude sex appeal as well as self respect.  So for today’s polyvore play were doing just that with a black sleeveless midi dress, accessorize it with these gold sandals by Zanotti and this black and gold YSL bag.  Throw on a diamond earring and a red/orange lip and you’re giving instant modern day Audrey meets Marilyn.