Walking in Beyonce’s Shoes

First we had Sarah Jessica Parker for Manolo, Then Kanye West for.. well quite a few designers and don’t forget Solange for PUMA but now we have the KING BEY herself for Giuseppe Zanotti! I couldn’t be more excited for this collabo. Mr. Zanotti himself stated that Bey has very clear ideas and knows exactly what she wants, truthfully I couldn’t image it any either way.

What news is even better than a Beyonce’ and Giuseppe collaboration? the news of the shoe being released in about 2 weeks! Those who know the Zanotti design and who follow Beyonce’ know this shoe will be everything BUT a flat.  Sources say the shoe will feature a super thick platform and a stiletto heel,  wish there were photos because I am DYING to see this! Wish it was an entire collection however Zanotti has stated it will be just one shoe.

beyonce beyonce-fashion-week-outfit-adidas-kanye-west-h724