Starting Over

Sometimes you need a fresh start and sometimes your forced to open a new chapter.  With the graduating from college came the opening of a new chapter, the captor of the real world.  I feel like this is when life really begins and with that new beginning I decided to start over and what better way to start over then….. shaving my head! Yes you read correctly, This past tuesday I shaved my head!

shaved 1

Now it’s no secret that in my opinion hair is just hair and it will ALWAYS grow back.  Those who know me know I’ve shaved my head 2 times before.  I’m very impulsive and when I make the decision to do something (especially when it comes to my hair) I don’t wait until I’m sure, I get in my care and go do it.

The last time I shaved my head was December of 2012 and I let my hair grow and grow until about 3 months ago  when I decided to cut it off and relax it, up until that point I had been natural.


the above photo is my hair as of last month

curls 1

and this was my hair the week before I put a relaxer in it and cut it short

Within the 2 years I had been natural my hair had many different styles, colors, lengths etc.

406689_2679368720358_1503638545_n unnamed2 unnamed3 10653325_4697174084231_4973112872841831552_n

Now I’m back on that road to growing out long, (BIG), curly, natural hair and I feel as free as ever!

shaved 2

As women we have to learn that we are not our hair, don’t let your hair or other’s opinions of what your hair should be stop you from making a decision.  I’m starting over and that change begins with my hair

xox Danielle Mone’

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27 years old Orlando based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

10 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. Thats powerful, u show your inner strength is way beyond superficial beauty. I did the same, past bra to short more than 5 times and yea it does grow back, well said 🙂


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