Fashion Dazee’d of the Week; Keron Thompson

Men are fashionable too! This week I’m introducing you to Orlando’s very own Keron “K-Teezy” Thompson, 25 years old and very stylish.


I was lucky enough to discuss fashion and stylish with Keron and I must say this man has a style all his own.

Explain to me your style inspiration, where does it come from?

My style inspiration comes from my grandmother(father’s mom) and my father. Ever since I can remember, my grandmother always loved fashion. She took great pride in her appearance at all times. At her home in Baltimore, MD she has clothes in every closet in the house (lol). Her sense of fashion trickled down to my father as well. My father embraces fashion, especially shoes. No matter how complex or unique an outfit is, he feels that shoes are the final touch. I am a product of those two put together.

What celebrities in fashion do you look to?

Kanye and Russell Westbrook are the main celebrities I look at the most because they take risks with their style. You will often see those guys in something that most men wouldn’t think about wearing. You must have a high level of confidence to step out the way they do. Others I look at are Idris Elba, Pharrell, and Dwayne Wade because of the “gentleman” style approach that each of them take.

What are 5 must have pieces in your closet that you feel everyone should have?

1. Black Tie
2. Neutral color blazer (beige, black, or gray)
3. Peanut butter shoe/belt combo
4. White dress shirt
5. Stylish hat (Fedora/Kangol)

It was a pleasure picking Keron’s fashionable brain! I must say throughout the months that I have seen him a round the city, he’s always very  put together, from his pieces being tailored to fit his body, to his attention to detail he is definitely in a Fashion Dazee

kt2 kt kt6 kt4 kt5

Check out more of Keron “K-Teezy” Thompson on Instagram at @K-Teezy89

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